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Description Redudant Array of Independent Communities
Members Asta, ConiKost, Crasbe, DosAmp, Gandro, Gruetzkopf, Heinze, Mindfuckup, TAL, Unlix, Zoepfe
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Registered on 29 November 2013 22:05:06
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Assembly specification 1. All we want is some space for our group in the hackcenter.
Planning notes We don't mind sitting in the corner, as we don't plan to show of specific projects - which doesn't mean of course that people shouldn't drop by and ask what we are doing.

R.E.I.S.U.B., for the lack of a better name, is a loose connection of nerds, people who claim to be hackers, and failed social sciences majors. We consist of two non-disjoint communities from all over Germany and Switzerland, giving this assembly the made up name of REgionale Interlektuelle, Schweizer Und Bayern (regional interlectuals, Swiss, and Bavarians).

One subset of this assembly forms a virtual community, who's only means of communication is an abandoned old IRC channel which has long lost its purpose. The other subset consists of friends from a wannabe hackerspace and society for open source based in Lucerne, Switzerland.

It is rumored that R.E.I.S.U.B. might also stand for Reboot Even If System Utterly Broken and REgex Is Sorcery & Utterly Boring and can be used as a magical spell to resurrect dead Linux machines.

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