This page tends to be out of date. See http://29c3.fem-net.de/ or follow @c3streaming on twitter to get up to date information.


Official Streams

There are several official streams in a lot of different formats:



The first link leads to the flash player on FEM Webpage.

Hall 1 rtmp://saal1.rtmp.29c3.fem-net.de/
Hall 4 rtmp://saal4.rtmp.29c3.fem-net.de/
Hall 6 rtmp://saal6.rtmp.29c3.fem-net.de/

If you prefer native clients and want to play the h.264 streams (rtmp) locally you can use VLC or mplayer.

HTTP Live Stream

All you need is a MPEG player that can read M3U playlists.

They can be played

  • on most iOS devices
  • Android with
    • native (since Android 4)
    • Daroon Player
  • PCs with
    • VLC 1.2
    • Anevia
    • current FFMPEG (see below)
    • current mplayer
    • Quicktime X
    • Safari webbrowser
  • Nitendo Wii U
On Demand

Not set up yet.


Theora streams (ogv) with 2 audio audio channels (native, translated)

Saal 1 http://theora.29c3.fem-net.de:8001/room1_video.ogg
Saal 4 http://theora.29c3.fem-net.de:8001/room4_video.ogg
Saal 6 http://theora.29c3.fem-net.de:8001/room6_video.ogg


To play the WMV streams you can use VLC or mplayer. If you use Windows you can also try Windows Media Player.

Saal 1 mmsh://wmv.29c3.fem-net.de/Saal1
Saal 4 mmsh://wmv.29c3.fem-net.de/Saal4
Saal 6 mmsh://wmv.29c3.fem-net.de/Saal6


Audio only streams are good if you don't need video or only have low bandwidth (e.g. mobile phone)



can be played with nearly everything that can play mp3


Hall 1
Hall 4
Hall 6

ASCII - Telnet

Live streaming over telnet.

Unofficial Streams



How to play Opus-Streams

Supported software:

  • vlc >= v2.0.4
  • mplayer try with -demuxer lavf optin
  • chromium >= v25
  • firefox >= v15

How to download the streams?

I would recommend waiting for the final release, but if you are really impatient here a short guide how to download (dump) the streams.
I'm assuming that you are using Linux/Mac.


Install mimms:

Mac: sudo port install mimms
Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install mimms

Go for it: mimms mmsh://wmv.29c3.fem-net.de/hallX hallX.wmv

Note that mimms can sometimes create crap wmv files and it will mess up timecodes completely, cause you're dumping a live stream.
An alternative would be mplayer: mplayer -dumpstream mmsh://wmv.29c3.fem-net.de/saalX -dumpfile SaalX.wmv

RTMP (H.264)

Install rtmpdump:

Mac: sudo port install rtmpdump
Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install rtmpdump

Go for it: rtmpdump -r "rtmp://h264.29c3.fem-net.de:1935/rtmp/saalX_hq"

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