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  • Compared to BCC, the food-quality/money ratio fell. The coffee e.g. had the same price, but while there was an experienced barista with a real Gaggia coffee maker in Berlin making very tasty Cappucinos, there were novice service people pressing a on some no name bad coffee machines. I'm really missing the guy advertising his "Hamburgers" with some east accent, I loved that. There was about twice as much food variations at BCC, too. (Other than that, CCH was awesome as a venue)
  • Maybe I am the only person who found this very annoying: The "Brezel"-Guy! He sold his "Bezels" in Hall 1 during talks! Like some Ice-Guy in a cinema selling ice cream, while you whant to watch a movie. Really annoying...
  • The food was a little bit too expensive. I have no problem with that, if the money goes to the CCC (as donation). But I think all the money from the food goes to the CCH people, am I right? (I know, I don't have to buy the food sold in CCH, if it is too expensive for me...)
    • it was the same for the coffee and tea, there was only a single place and it was 2eu per cup. didn't seem right :)
    • I very much appreciated the fact that you could buy your food in damntor station and bring it inside CCH - this used to be a problem at BCC. And IMHO taking the 200m walk is an acceptable workout if the prices insice CCH are too expensice.
  • There were no drinks without gas, not even water

No photo policy and Press

  • Enforce (or drop) the no photos policy. Esp. in Saal 1 a lot of frontal photos of the audience have been taken. In the Saals the heralds, the speakers or Nick could remind the photographers of the simple rule: Do not take frontal photos.
    • Agreed. During the "Whistleblowers" talk, someone with a "Press" pass took frontal pictures of every section of Saal 1. When asking a Signal Angel, he told me that he assumed it was "OK".
  • Have press people wear press badges and ask before they take portrait photos/videos of individual persons. I had the pleasure of getting interviewed without knowing it and only by accident finding out when I told them that I'd prefer those pictures of me not to be put on the internet, at which point they told me who they were (one could have guessed by the style of their questions and them taking notes though).


  • 4h shifts are not suitable for "normal" angels, who also want to go to lectures, because they can't be used to fill gaps between lectures (or even other shifts). Therefore I suggest 1h shifts and if someone has more time, it's likely they sign up for successive shifts.
  • To make shorter shifts possible (or at least make the shift coordination easier) for untrained CERT angels, I suggest to split the "Laufschicht" into an trained (which can still be 4h) and untrained (which can be shorter) part. The new untrained Laufschicht-angel can be picked up every hour at a defined place like the CERT.
  • Hang analogue issue trackers up the walls for build up and tear down. A big colored task list in each area with task descriptions and a pen to tick the jobs done and give feedback would take the load off the build up arch angels. A task can be like "1. Assemblies / Prerequest: None / 1.1. Tables / 1.1.1. Get x tables from XXXX / 1.1.2. Place the tables according to map / 1.2. Chairs / 1.2.1. Get x chairs from XXXX / 1.2.2. Place 5 chairs with armrest and 5 without alternating around each table"
  • Permanent markers next to the free water with the explicit advice to tag your bottles, so half emptied bottles belonging to no one wouldn't fill up the tables in the angels hack center.


  • more power outlets
    • could you say, where problems exists? So we can plan more in the area for the next event.
      • mostly the problem was finding a place to sit and recharge between lectures or while resting. there was a lot of space for this (next to the walls, windows, there were some tables here and there), but very few power outlets, and it was very nice of some people to carry PDUs, so more people can sit/recharge at the same place. the problem didn't seem to exist in the assembly or similar areas.
      • for example in Hall 6 by the walls
  • more network outlets. In the "recreational" zones, few to no wired networking was available. Also in the assemblies area, all of the shared desks did not have switches.
    • More gigabit outlets would be cool.

Workshop area

  • I had the feeling that for some workshops the halls were too small.
  • A higher resolution projector for the workshops (where usually IDEs and code is shown) would be awesome.
    • Could you define "higher resolution" --Andi (talk) 17:55, 13 January 2013 (UTC)
  • A local gigabit switch would be awesome too so that spreading tools can be faster.
  • A better way finder solution. The workshop halls were difficult to find imho.

The halls

  • Hall 6 was way too small, and sometimes it was also a littlebit hard to get a seat in hall 4, but it would be good enough to think about a bigger hall than hall 6.
  • Prohibit overpowered hand-held lasers!
  • Think of maybe adding a fourth room (Saal 2?) and use Saal 6 for larger workshops.

Ticket purchasing

  • Send reminder when tickets are available in the system for ticket holders participating in the pre-sales phase
  • Double check ticket mails / ticket system info / info at events.ccc all match each other
  • Generate the invoice immediately after receiving the payment. Make the invoice accessible via the pre-order portal.


  • The Lego Duplo area on the 4th floor was very good and a blessing for all children (and their parents). Please keep this up. Additionally, a voluntary day/evening care service provided by parents for parents would be nice and has already been discussed between a few of the parents on 29c3 - some support by the orga (room, publicity) would be helpful.
  • Maybe Angelshift for ChildCare


  • The wiki did not display the latest version of each page. One could only access the latest version by explicitly selecting the latest revision from the history of each page. Lots of people didn't know/realize this and weren't on the same "page".

something else

  • The theme for the congress logo was a nice idea but using the same for all the signs to the different areas made it very hard to get orientated. It would be better to have bigger and better readable signs.
  • Being an international event, it would be nice to have some translation of the Lautsprecherdurchsagen, even more so since they obviously seem to have been funny most of the time.
  • I want to thank everyone who made this great awesome event possible ! i really loved to participate that lovely congress !


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