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Media:Example.ogghe following developers will show up for sure:

Name Presence I'd like to bring:
Spida 26.12-31.12 will bring HW-0.22 copter
trh 26.12-30.12 will bring at least HW-0.22-mini-r1 copter
DracosCarazza 27.12-31.12 will bring HW-0.22-mini-r1 copter, NGLight and compass boards for the HMC5883L
Amir 26.12-31.12 will bring HW-0.22-mini-r1 copter fully GPS ready and a HW-0.23-mini-r0 prototype
Jeroen 26.12-30.12 will bring HW-0.22-mini-r3 hexa-copter, logic analyser, Buspirate
Markus 26.12-30.12 -
Falstaff 26.12-30.12 will bring HW-0.22
Ben 26.12-30.12 will bring a HW-0.23-mini-r0 prototype, electronics spare parts, development tools (AVR JTAG/ISP, ARM-JTAG, I2C Sniffer, hardware tools & cables), ...
Toxios 26.12-30.12 HW0.22-mini-r0, HW-0.22-mini-r3 and a HW-0.23-mini-r0 prototype, mechanical and electrical tools, solder iron, programming tools, labroratory PSU, 0603 resistors and capacitors, transistors and diodes, sth. else...
Axel 26.12-30.12 will bring fun, sun and a happy face ;)
J-Zero 27.12-30.12 -
Grisu 27.12-30.12 -
Coptergeek 27.12-30.12 will bring HW-0.22-mini-r1
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