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Tor2web Workshop will explain the Tor2web project and get people involved, sharing the research and experience done in trying to keep the server up&running, the status of new tor2web software, work on improvements, discuss on howto

Of interests for: ONG and hackers running and hacking Tor project software , anonimity and cryptoanarchism hackers

We will work on Tor2web design, issues, code hacking and brainstorming on how to improve and really diffuse tor2web approach

Tor2web is now a project supported by GlobaLeaks team with precious support from Tor community


If you're interested to participate, put your name here:

When & Where

Room: A03 (we preferred the small one, but it's full)

Date: Day 3 - 2011-12-28 Wed

Time: 15:00--16:00

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