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Social Hacking

We will give an overview of what whistle blowing is and how it can be applied a wide array of different situations. Hopefully by the end of the workshop you will understand that whistle blowing is a fundamental tool for a democratic and transparent society.

We will focus in particular on the Leakdirectory Project, a shared crowd based initiative to represent most of the world of whistleblowing with the goal to became a reference for all the whistleblowing initiatives.

Leakdirectory is currently a wiki project, that will evolve into a software, platform and collaborative platform to share whistleblowing initiatives.

During or after the workshop we would like together to share social hacking ideas: Discuss and brainstorm the many ways that whistleblowing could be used for political and transparency activism actions.

Writing down in a pad based the results of shared ideas on how to engage in Whistleblowing transparency initiatives and actions.

Following this workshop we'll move our discussion to the GlobaLeaks Workshop to get hands on with the software project.


If you're interested to participate, put your name here:

When & Where

Room: A03 (we preferred the small one, but it's full)

Date: Day 2 - 2011-12-28 Wed

Time: 12:30--13:30

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