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Who we are

We are playing with various radio equipment like GSM, TETRA, GMR-1, HAM-Radio, (Amateurfunk), Digital Radio Broadcasting, DECT (only a little) and POCSAG (coming soon)

Our projects

What we plan to do at the congress

There will be no HAM Radio station this year, but feel free to call CQ on our local QRG:

Space needed / Who will come

Note: Please register yourself because the congress-orga will calculate the space needed upon the Information listed here. If you do not list yourself here there might not be enough space for you! Sorry Folks!

Stuff needed

Stuff that we will bring

A proposition to the congress team

Like previous years, we think that it would be a cool idea to unite all radio projects in a single room (best C04). The Radio-Room.

Related stuff

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