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we had been quite below the radar the last year and no major steps forward were taken. still we exist and show up in berlin this year as we did the last 4 years.



Software for mobile devices

pyneo is a software stack for mobile devices like the greenphone, the neo1973, the freerunner, the wetab and others. see for more information.


What will we do?

Get Pyneo running on as many devices, systems, distros as possible

We have lots of toys! :P

Pyneo includes a concept of pre-configuring a well-known set of software to make the mobile device work

we will take a look onto new opportunities like


Who will be there?

add your nickname here:


@ orga team

a table in the hack center for 4-6 persons, like the last 4 years would be nice. we would love to sit near or together with other python (django?), linux (grml?) or gui (efl?) related projects. thx!




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