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Projectmovie 2011

This year, there will be the third Projectmovie in a row! You're invited to showcase your project, your group or whatever cool stuff you are doing at congress.

Bonus: As I am doing another movie project, too (Hacker werden Hacken), you can be part of two movie projects by giving just one interview.

Liquid privacy

The movie project heavily relies on input from fellow hackers. Even though everyone I talk to likes the idea of the project, not everyone is comfortable with speaking in front of a camera. To allow everyone and every project to be part of the movie while still concerning individual privacy needs, you can choose whatever privacy level fits you the most:

Besides that, you can be named with real name, nickname or remain unnamed.

I hope this will meet everyone's privacy needs and make it possible to be part of the project anonymously if prefered.


If you are interested, send an e-mail to

Space/seats/tables required

I'd love to have a place where people can sit comfy on a couch while talking about their project.

I'd prefer to be placed in a corner, for example on the top floor behind the stairs, because that would make a cool background (if not already occupied by Deutsche Welle like last year). Alternatively the space right under the stairs in front of the hackcenter would be great work as well. If all else fails, any corner will do.

I guess it's not an option to have the hackcenter itself as a background as people would rather not be filmed, even if the background will be blurred properly. :)

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