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OpenSeamap is a free and editable sea chart like OpenStreetmap is a free and editable road map (and more).

The aim of this project is to create an accurate sea chart which may be used for navigation. The project deals with many issues which are partially completely different from OpenStreetmap since accuracy is absolutely vital for a navigator and a sea chart.

We will gave a talk at last year's conference. See [1] for more information.


Who is there?

and some others that are not registered on the Wiki

Who are these people

We are a group of people who are interested in computers in general, in hacking, software, coding, hardware, and several other topics. We call ourselves Feel free to visit our blog.


Hopefully at a desk in the hackcenter ;)

Contact us using personal email from our profile pages.

Reservation Information

de: Sorry für die Verspätung, aber wenn möglich hätten wir gerne einen Tisch mit 3-4 Plätzen. Wir sind gleichzeitig mit einem zweiten Projekt registriert: OnionCat. Die 3-4 Plätze inkludieren bereits auch die OnionCat-Leute. Vielen Dank!

en: Sorry for being late, we would really appreciate to get a desk with 3-4 seats. Please note, that we registered a second project: OnionCat. These 3-4 seats already include the OnionCat people.

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