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Happy hardware hackers

What: A place to get together to solder stuff!
     You can easily learn all of the skills you need in a short time.
     Make a project, and take it home with you!
     If you have your own project (advanced or simple),
     bring it by, and if you would like help, you can get it!
When: All day and all night -- Every day of Congress
     Most projects take about 1.5 to 2 hours
Where: Room A05/A06 (in the hackcenter -- in the basement)
Who: You! All ages, all skill levels -- It is fun to make things in the friendly community of the Hardware Hacking Area.
     Come join us. Everyone is welcome.
Cost: Instruction is free! We ask that people pay only for the cost of the parts used -- kit prices range from €10 to €30.

Learn to solder! Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers and others will bring kits to make cool, practical, intriguing, hackable things that you can bring home after you make it. Of course, you can also bring your own projects to hack. And if you have anything to fix, bring it by!

Plenty of cool kits are available to make, including:

More info on these projects is available at:
Cornfield Electronics (click on the "maker faire" tab)
Applied Platonics
Jimmie Rodgers
Evil Mad Scientist
Analog Machines
Interactive Matter
Mighty Ohm

Anyone can learn to solder! Even if you have never made anything in your life, you can learn this very useful and enjoyable skill. It really is fun! Mitch anb Jimmie have taught tens of thousands of people to solder all around the world, and they can teach you, too! Add yourself to the ever increasing community! ]

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