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Heralds are the main spokesperson and speaker liaison before and during a lecture. Their primary function is to make sure the speaker is introduced, well equipped and speaks no longer than his or her allotted time.

IMPORTANT Please sign up for the official Herald Mailing List for better flow of information if you wanna participate as a herald at 28C3!


Can I be a Herald Angel?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then we'd love to have you as a Herald!

How to Become a Herald

Herald Angels are not automatically enabled, since a special skill and orientation are involved. Herald Angels and those wishing to be Herald Angels meet during the regular Angel Meetings in the Heaven (Level A, far in the back of the hackcenter). We have a short orientation after each meeting for new Herald Angels.

Assigning shifts

Heralds need to attend an orientation and have their Engelsystem account authorized to sign up for Herald shifts. To do this, attend a meeting or get in touch with one of the Herald Archangels. One of them will be present during every regular angel meeting. You'll get a short briefing of what to do, but you should get the idea from this page as well. ;-)

Job Description

The Herald is typically seen as the person who announces the speaker at the beginning of a talk/lecture/... (see Schedule). That is just the easy part of the job! Being a Herald Angel involves the following:

  1. Being familiar with your Speaker and their topic, enough to give a good introduction.
  2. Being in the room at least 15 minutes prior to your shift and making sure your speaker and all needed fellow angels are in the room.
  3. Making the speaker feel comfortable and taking care of any special needs.
  4. Being the first to react and take care of any problem.
  5. Watching the room and making sure the event/talk runs smoothly.
  6. Ensuring the speaker ends on time!

Herald Angel Briefing

Important Numbers

DECT Numbers of the Herald Archangels


Before your Speaker Begins

During Your Speaker's Talk

When Your Speaker is Finished

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