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Geiger Counter Workshops

Geiger kit.jpg

Do you want to build a working Geiger Counter? You can!

I designed this totally open source geiger counter kit for Chaos Camp - some of you may have seen it there - but there were not very many kits and they sold out very quickly!

Good news - the kits are back for 28C3!


Schematics, a bill of materials, and source code are available here:

What does the button do?

The button turns off the beep, so that the geiger counter can be used discretely. (mute or silent mode)


The cost for the workshop is 100 EUR. This gets you a geiger counter kit, case, geiger tube, batteries, and 2 hours of instruction. Soldering tools are provided!

You can buy a Geiger counter kit at any time in the Hardware Hacking Area (HHA) and bring it to the workshops (or build it yourself, there are lots of soldering irons available).

Build It!

Assembly Instructions

Serial Data Logging

Important: If you want to log data, bring a USB-Serial cable that is compatible with 3.3V TTL levels. Ideally you will bring a FTDI TTL-232R-3V3, the connector on the kit has the right pinout for this cable.

The FTDI friend for sale in the Hardware Hacking Area (15 EUR) works also!! Be sure you have it set to work at 3.3V.

The serial port operates at 9600 baud 8-N-1.

Connecting the Geiger Counter to your r0ket

The r0ket firmware for 28C3 comes with GEIGERCT pre-installed. To learn how to connect your Geiger Counter kit to the r0ket, see this page:

The pin numbering for the m0dul bus is:

1 2

3 4

5 6

7 8

9 10

11 12

Hacking your Geiger kit

If you want to hack the kit, please bring a working AVR toolchain and an AVR programmer (USBTinyISP, AVRISP mkII, AVR Dragon, etc.)

Location of the workshops

Hardware Hacking Area (A05) in the basement. Look for the soldering irons.

Workshop Signup List

Each workshop is limited to 30 people. Add your name to the list to reserve a spot. If you aren't able to sign up (wiki is down, etc.) come anyway - there are plenty of spots left today (Day 3) and tomorrow (Day 4).

Day 2 (Wednesday 2011-12-28) 18:00 - 20:00

Add your name here:

  1. Florian Kaiser
  2. zwerg
  3. fischbauch
  4. bionerd23
  5. Lasse
  6. Urs
  7. hosh
  8. woody
  9. Maxx
  10. xor

Day 3 (Thursday 2011-12-29) 18:00 - 20:00

Add your name here:

  1. bdu
  2. dd2
  3. Roddi
  4. Ikzorn
  5. stefan
  6. Morn
  7. neoras
  8. nobody_su

Day 4 (Friday 2011-12-30) 14:00 - 16:00

Add your name here:

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