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The Entrance is the area, where tickets will be sold and checked. We will need help by a considerable number of volunteers (angels), too, especially on Dec. 26th and Dec. 27th. If you want to volunteer, read the instructions for volunteers further down.

The entrance will open earliest at 9 p.m.


Information for Visitors

Crucial information for visitors, concerning questions like where and when to queue for which kind of ticket, as well as cash desk opening and closing times, have been moved to Tickets and should be checked there.

Information for Volunteers

There are two kinds of employments with several different tasks and positions at the entrance. We will need a considerable number of volunteers, especially on day 0 and day 1. If you arrive early, please volunteer for one or two day 0 shifts (we will kiss your feet for it). With any questions or problems, contact the team-coordinator TBA.

Please, check out the general information for volunteering at the congress, too: Volunteers

Cash Desk Angel

As a cash desk angel you will work at one of the terminals and sell tickets to the visitors. Since this is a responsible job, we will need your full name before and a signature after your shift. It would be nice if you at least spoke german and/or english, and are a fast working, but calm and generally friendly person.

There will be two general briefings each day, one in the morning, the other in the evening, to instruct and familiarise you with your tasks and the policies. It's obligatory to attend at least one of those briefings before your first shift. So check the schedule to keep your appointments.

Entrance Angel

As an entrance angel you will work at the entrance, the exit or in between. Your tasks will be checking the badges of entering visitors, prevent entering at the exit and crimping the badges at the cash desks. Since this is a responsible job as well, we will need strict, but non-dogmatic and generally friendly fellows here.

As a briefing you might read the written instructions for entrance angels (in german), which will be available at the 4 terminal cash desks. Just ask the supervisor in charge. You will receive detailed instructions about your tasks and position from the supervisor right at the beginning of your shift. So please register with the supervisor at the entrance 5 minutes before your shift starts.

Shifts + Briefings



The core of the team are the supervisors:


You can ask any of them to help you with any problems regarding your tasks at the entrance.

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