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In addition to the usual IP-based streaming over wired Ethernet and WiFi, all lectures at 28C3 are broadcast via our public, free-to-air DVB-T transmitter, which should cover the whole BCC area. The transmission parameters are as follows (preliminary configuration!):

This means you can bring any DVB-T receiver (including the small USB key sized adapters that you can plug in your laptop) and view the lectures this way. A great solution for high-quality video streams, even if the Wifi is overloaded and you don't have a wired Ethernet connection.


Transmission parameters

Channel 21
Frequency 474 MHz (470-478 MHz)
Bandwidth 8 MHz
FFT-Mode 8K
Constellation QAM16
Guard Interval 1/4
FEC 2/3
Bitrate 13,27 MBit/s
Transmission Power (ERP) <6 Watt (7,8 dBW)


These parts are still preliminary


For viewing with mplayer, put this into .mplayer/channels.conf


and run with

mplayer dvb://"Room 1"

to boost the volume add the following(for 20dB)

-af volume=20:0


run VLC with the following command line:

vlc --aspect-ratio=16:9 dvb://frequency=474000000

VDR (Video Disc Recorder)

You can also use the VDR ( Software to watch and record the DVB-T streams of the talks. To have the feeling of watching TV you can use the script from [1] to import the Fahrplan as EPG Data into the VDR and use it for Recording TImer programming. You can find a working channels.conf for VDR there too.

Required Hardware

Any DVB-T receiver will do - use USB sticks, handheld monitors or cellphones with DVB-T function. During the event we will gather information about working USB sticks. Also we will add configuration settings for specific devices and software.

Transmitter Setup

Since the BCC is a steel-concrete structure which is very bad for electromagnetic waves. However the biggest problem was the fact that the USB2 480MBit/s datarate puts a big peak into channel 22 (478-486MHz). Because of that we have moved down one channel. This should improve reception more than any transmitter relocation or power increase.

Quad-Encoder + Multiplexer + RTP-Streamer


RTP-RX + DVB-T-Modulator + 6W PA + Power supply

DVB-T and PA

Transmission Antenna

Antenna Antenna

Who does this?

DVB-T is powered by maintech and SR-Systems ;-)

Video is provided by FEM

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