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Console Hacking



Like the previous years a bunch of console hackers, joined by some of the iPhone Dev Team's members, are getting together at 28C3. We hope to have some table space at the Hackcenter to set up our consoles, show off our hacks, and teach people about them!

The topic extends to many aspects of video game consoles, both software and hardware. This includes breaking the security, using homebrew software, modifying their existing software, hardware modifications and improvements, using custom hardware peripherals with consoles, using console peripherals with custom hardware, and anything else that's related to video game consoles. A lot of what goes on behind the scenes only happens once or twice, so here's your chance to learn what it really means to hack a game console, hands-on.

We've pretty much conquered the Wii since last year and are currently looking on to the Nintendo DSi and the 3DS. If you always wanted to learn how the Wii's security was broken using a pair of tweezers, or how to reverse engineer the Wii Remote's extension encryption and make your own, or why using a real random number generator is be very important, you might want to stop by and say hi :)

Also the Fail0verflow team is looking forward to having lots of fun at the CTF event again this year (if applicable)!


The Hackers

Contact / Reservation

Please contact User:sven regarding the reservation, or anything else related to CCC. You can also contact sven at fail0verflow dot com.

We would like to reserve 16 22 seats and table space for 25 people or so (to provide some extra space for gear). Please contact the above e-mail address if you can provide us with more information regarding availability and sizing so that we can figure out more precisely what we need. If at all possible, we'd like to be far from the "recreational" room next to the elevator, as the smoke was highly annoying the last few years.

We'll need a LAN connection at the table space.

You can find us on #wiidev, #bootmii, #hackmii, #dsidev on EFNet.

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