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CAcert will not have a booth on 28c3. Cooperation with the CCC was so bad last year that noone really wanted to take on the task ;-) ...

However, many CAcert assurers and more will be there. If you need one of:

just watch out for someone you know or find or call User:Natureshadow (DECT: 3128) for coordination / information (he is also Support Engineer, so primary contact for password resets, name changes and the like).

On the last day, we started co-operating with AK Vorrat as well, so you will find us there ;)!

Assurance Party and Assurer Training

We offer an assurance party and mini Assurer Training Event on day 3 at 4 p.m. in workshop room A03.

Also bring your OpenPGP key and fingerprint for counter key-signing if you like!

Secure Internet Access

If you do not have access to a trusted VPN but want to access insecure sites or services outside the congress network without being eavesdropped on by fellow hackers, feel free to use the CAcert Community VPN tunnel. Basic documentation is available on the CAcert Wiki or call / find User:Natureshadow!

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