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AquaVille is a nice and cozy International* village with a bunch of OS X using geeks.
The AquaVille concept was created during the summer of 2005 at WhatTheHack!
When a bunch of like-minded Mac users decided to set up a village - AquaVille - together.
Some project we had: A big pool and a RGB lamp with web interface so people could change the color in our tent.
You can find us in December at the CCC congress in the basement.
You can find us by looking for the Apple flag
Everybody is welcome to hang out and have fun.
This is by no means a closed group, just keep in mind that space is probably going to be limited.

So come by and say Hello again!

(*) we have a lot of nationalities around (even some New Yorkers)


Hint: add yourself with:

To bring


Still looking for


Mac related support

Come over if you need support for Mac related questions/issues.
Some Apple service manuals can be found here
We will have some Tools for disassembling apart most Macs.


It would be great, if we could get the same place we used last to hack a mac in the hackcenter (we are with 6 persons)

For info pleaze contact okkie.
My emailadres is on the orgawiki


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