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Angel balls

What are the angel balls (ab)? Ab's are highly concentrated energy foods to keep it's consumer rock and rolling. They are optimized to be light, compact and nutritionally complex based on natural/organic ingredients. As you see quite a lot in just a bit. And yes, I'm sure that they are going to be quite a bit of work but this should be truly fun!

So the ball is rolling, post to the discus, upload your idea, simply get involved! (below are few ideas)

The combination of fat/oil with sugar should be kind of our start up point, protein should be secondary I think. In this way we will avoid the sugar rush because the fat would slow down the absorption of the sugars and we will keep the influx of energy more steady for longer. Example could be for example date past (sugar source) mixed with coconut oil (oil source) with whole hazelnut in the middle for the extra flavor, all covered by some "touch resistant" substance. The savory version could be grated dried meat (for example pork - available in Asian shops), goose fat to make it compact, nutritional yeast to add flavor, some vitamins, minerals and some type of algae as a touch resistant surface layer as for example nori. It can have chlorella added. Well that would be just kind of few ideas to start with, please do take it further!

Meat eater ab options

Vegetarian ab options

Vegan ab options

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