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The Gym

There will be a cheap place to stay available for 28C3 visitors between 26th and 31st at a gym near the BCC.

Oberschule am Köllnischen Park
Neue Roßstr. 5
U-Märkisches Museum
GPS: N52°30.656' E013°24.586'
This is how the Gym looks like in the morning.

be Welcome is a culture crossing network that lets you share a place to sleep, meet up and help others on their way. It shares the basic idea with couchsurfing and is even Open Source


The community offers a lot of open flats to foreigners. Mind you, the community is intended to connect people, not just to offer a free bed.

Community - Offers

If you have some spare rooms/beds which you'd like to share with the other congress attendants, this is the place. Please state: how many rooms or how many beds you have available, when, your terms and how to contact you.

Where+what When Space Charges Contact Comment
Jan Girke
Silbersteinstraße 122
12051 Berlin
Near S+U-Bhf-HermannSTRAßE not HermannPLATZ

Last stop of U8 subway. U8 goes to Alexanderplatz so no worries.

Whole week or longer if we can get along Double bed, matrasses, floor space, two rooms, bare walls included.) FREE! Donations welcome. CONTACT me FIRST
It might get crammed!
+49 / (0)152 / 2951 2229
+49 / (0)30 / 5315 8214

I will be taking in as many people as I can.
Free Wifi Internet, shower, soap, refrigerator included.
No free food and no soda bar ;).

Community - Requests

Dear geeks - are you seeking some spare floor space? Then please enter yourself here! And hopefully someone might offer you a place to crash. :-)

Name / Nick Arrival Departure Languages Contact Smoke? Comments

Got some spare floor space to offer? Or maybe a mattress? Or even a bed? Then please adopt A Geek by sending your offer to the geeks.

Interesting info: Name+email+fon, address, bus/train stop, distance to congress, internet (cable,wifi), floor/mattress/bed, shower (+soap ;-), and whether you are charging anything (washing sheets+towels, sharing of internet, cost of gas, heating, and water).


Like every year U inn Berlin Hostel offers a special deal for all guests of the 28C3.

And remember: First come, first serve! ;-)

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