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Toshiba AC100

Ac100 gentoo.png

AC100 running Gentoo.

We started to gentooify the Toshiba AC100 (NVIDIA Tegra2) dynabook recently as a small project and we'd like a little place at hackcenter for continuing our legacy. The status of the project is near complete but we'd like other Tegra/ARM-(g)ent(oo)husiasts to join us, help them getting their desired distro to run and/or modify for the better.


We would appreceate a table with 4 seats at hackcenter. We will attend as a duo/trio, but as stated before, we'd love people to join.

What we will do

Very welcome would be a Trimslice/Tegra250dev/Panda/Beagle-board to join us, but also tablets and phones running Gentoo/Arch/Debian and all sorts of ARM-capable distros.

Who will be there



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