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After the huge success of #0daysuits I began to think how we could embarass Nick this year ;) As Nick Farr was dancing through Vienna earlier this year I thought how it would be to have Nick dancing on stage at this years congress. So I couldn't resist and asked Nick what he demands. And here it is: we need 100 Hackers in Labcoats at the congress, so please spread the word and bring your #0daylabcoats to the congress!

UPDATE: As many hackers couldn't get a labcoat we are now going towards #0daywhatever, just appear in something extraordinary such as a labcoat, a suit, a fancy dress, etc.

The event will take place on day 2, details will be anounced. For more information feel free to ask @momorientes on twitter or via e-mail to

""UPDATE"" The event will take place on day 2 at 15:45 PM

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