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The German Privacy Foundation e.V. (GPF) works towards the protection of privacy rights. The GPF was founded as a result to investigations of German law enforcement agencies against Tor administrators. The GPF offers Tor administrators to overtake the full legal responsibility regarding the anonymization servers. Therefore nowadays the GPF operates four Tor servers and other anonymization servers (e.g. mixmaster, JAP). Further projects of the GPF are the PrivacyBox and the OpenPGP-Stick.

We apply for a table where we would like to provide information about our projects and sell merchandise. Also we would like to talk with and sensitize attendants about privacy in general. Thus we don't need a lot of seats but a central location to meet people occasionally. At the corridor would be best where other foundations such as the FFII were located the previous times. Please send any feedback to jan dot suhr at privacyfoundation dot de.

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