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The documentation including pictures, links to videos of the lectures of the event etc. can be found on these pages:


[edit] Schedule

See Fahrplan, Workshops and Lightning Talks

[edit] Conference Recordings

See Conference Recordings.

[edit] Papers

The Proceedings were sold as a printed out book at the congress. Limited edition!

[edit] Photos

See Photo Documentation where to collect your pictures.

[edit] Weblogs

See Weblogs

[edit] Media coverage

See Press Review

[edit] FTP Servers

Go to the FTP section.

[edit] 25c3 Bittorrent Tracker

25c3 Bittorrent Tracker

[edit] Live coverage (obsolete)

[edit] Streaming

See Streaming

[edit] IRC Channels

See the IRC section for general/special channels.

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