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[edit] Streaming

The 25C3 is over. Get the Official Conference Recordings.

[edit] Formats

Several teams will offer audio- and video-livestreams of the lectures.

[edit] H264

mplayer -playlist $url z.b. oder einfach vlc

[edit] WMV

  • Room1/Saal1: mms://
  • Room2/Saal2: mms://
  • Room3/Saal3: mms://

There is another server (it lags a bit):

  • mms://
  • mms://
  • mms://

Optional (might work!): If you want to switch between the different rooms you can open the following m3u file (in VLC, but you need a recent version) and then use the next/previous buttons

[edit] Theora

Here is an playlist with all the links, so you can use an player with playlist support:

There is also a smaller version of the saal1 stream:

If you are at the bcc, you can access our internal server:

A HTML5 website with a video tags for the separate lectures is reachable on

[edit] Ogg (Audio only)

Here is an playlist with all the links, so you can use an player with playlist support:

If you are at the bcc, you can access our internal server:

[edit] Multicast

The RAW Feeds are available through multicast on any wired connection.

  • If you have problems make sure you allow ports 5001-5003 and protocol IGMP in your firewall.
  • Room1/Saal1 udp://@
  • Room2/Saal2 udp://@
  • Room3/Saal3 udp://@

[edit] Trouble?

Best results are reported with mplayer:

  • mplayer -cache 8000 mms://{1..3}

The playlist can be used with:

  • mplayer -cache 8000 -playlist <downloaded playlist file>

You can play around a bit with the cache, depending on your network quality.

[edit] FEM Streaming Site

There is a server at the bcc too.

[edit] Known problems

  • Hi some guys seem to have Problems with the dns resolution for Yes there was some trouble with the DNS. It should be fixed by now.
  • Known yet sad problem: The Streams are teh suck - too many ppl watching, video lags horribly on all servers.
  • The slides used in the presentations often are unreadable as the black text is blended over by the light background.

[edit] Contact

Are the streams not working? Then please check on these things:

  • Are there any lectures right now? Check the schedule!
  • Is the (internal) network up and running? (TODO: where to check for that?)
  • Is there no data from the streams?

[edit] FEM

If there actually are lectures happening, the network is up and there is yet no data - only then call the Videostudio at DECT:1160, +49-461-5056623-1160 or sip:// from outside.

Please be aware that this is no support hotline.

[edit] OGG/Theora streams

Please note, the theora/ogg streams are no official service provided by FEM. If there are any issues, please contact me at or mrud on #25c3. As the streams are just transcoded from the mms streams, they also have to work. The video quality of the streams could be a little bit better as the most clients do more post processing on theora then on wmv.

[edit] Real Time Recordings

┬Ác3 records the streams and has them for direct download shortly after each talk, see:

If you get an timeout, the connect-limit is reached, but don't worry recording has higher priority ;-) Since Congress is over this server isn't reachable anymore, please use one of the external mirrors.

We are now rsyncing relatively live to an external and an internal server. If you want to setup own mirrors do ist preferrably from there, see mirrors.

[edit] Mirrors

For now all Mirrors have pretty much the same content. That's all recordings from day1-3 and day4 partial

days1-3 complete,day4 partial
will be removed as soon as official releases are available!

(pretty much the same content as external4)
Down since congress is over
push updated every few minutes, use this as source for reliable mirroring
  • Day 1+2 Recordings are also available at

(will be push updated in the nights, day2 is in transfer)

Is this available from inside the congress lan? 
External Access shows an empty folder. --Mastacheata 11:06, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

Although I'm unable to provide a real mirror, I just started seeding the files I got via bittorrent.
Torrent files can be found at (ORDER BY id)
However I only have ADSL so don't expect too much in the beginning. I suggest a client that also supports HTTP-seeding.

[edit] Torrents on "The Pirate Bay"


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