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Name BlinkenSisters
Coordinator Cavac
Location Hackcenter
Contact Email Website


24C3 BlinkenSisters Level Contest

Create your own Level/ Addon and win a BlinkenSisters T-Shirt!

How to participate

Just visit us in Room A4 @Hackcenter and ask and we'll help you getting started.

For those who can't be here, just follow this instructions: Level AddOn

Please send your files to (max. 30 mb per mail) or bring it on your preferred data storage medium.

Call 2324 for more information and help!


UPDATE The final deadline has been moved to *when it's done*(tm) - there are still T-Shirts left that you can win!

Just send a mail to team<at> for details!

  • Start: now
  • Deadline for submitting your Level: 29.12., 18:00 h
  • Pricegiving Ceremony: 29.12., 24:00 h


Three of you can win a great BlinkenSisters T-Shirt! And your Level will be in the next official Release.


this list is preliminary

  • Tim, 12 Years old(!)
  • Tom - including great scripting-features

Visit the BlinkenArea to see the new Levels on the Blinkomat!

About us


BlinkenSisters ("blinken" [=flashing/sparkling/blinking]) is an open source retro-style jump'n'run/plattform game project. We're associated with the BlinkenArea.

The goal of the project is to re-create the fun of all those old-style games of the 1980's on modern hardware and operating systems.

The Team

The BlinkenSisters project team, also known as "MoveZIG Entertainment", are the people behind the sucessfull BlinkenSisters project. For any questions - or if you want to participate in the development - please contact us via email (see the "Project" box).

We're currently searching for team members.

BlinkenSisters on 24C3

Projects with BlinkenArea

For your fun ans pleasure, we'll try to find ways to incorporate BlinkenArea "blinking" projects and the BlinkenSisters "collect the pixels" in some form. We have no fixed plans as of yet, so just come and see...


During the congress, we will - according to the congress motto - make "full steam ahead" and try to enhance the game engine as much as possible. We'll also take requests and if you're interested, we'll also show you how to make your own add-ons.

In the hope of bringing you, the customer, new features and more fun, we'll be hoping for feedback and provide support, if you want to develop your own add-ons or even your own open source game.

Play for free

After the success on the Chaos Communication Camp 2007, we will also bring our "Blink-O-Mat" gaming hardware; those of you, who were on the Camp might already know it. On the Blink-O-Mat, we'll demo the latest development versions of BlinkenSisters which you can play for free :-)

Support a good cause!

We fully support BlinkenArea 's campaign of collecting money for public welfare! Every cent we collect will go to SOS Kinderdorf! If you like the game, please contribute by buying our products! All software can be downloaded from our subversion directory, but we'd appreciate if you help us support public welfare!

Availability is limited, as we're buying the empty CD's off our own money (all cash goes to wellfare) and all CD's are burned in our spare time! All software on the CD includes the latest release as well as a fairly current (but tested) development version.

Name Description Price
CD / XMAS-Edition BlinkenSisters CD, with sources and binaries for Windows and Mac, including all add-ons! All music-tracks of the project are also burned as Audio-Tracks, so you can enjoy them in your car stereo! 10,- Eur


While our primary information resource is the website, we'll provide a flyer (online and hardcopy) of the project as well. If you're interested in open source game development, you're very welcome to visit us. We're very open for interviews or demoing the project. But please contact us soon in advance if possible, so we can make sure we're available at your prefered time.

If you re a registered member of the press and contact us in advance, we'll throw in a free XMAS-Edition CD for your troubles! (If you need more than one, just tell us).

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