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Coordinator Bits'n'Bugs e. V. Erlangen
Location Hackcenter Grassland

The ICMP 4 hacker camp will take place in the beautiful franconian countryside in summer 2008, again organised by the Erlangen Erfa-Kreis of the CCC. Currently we are in the planning stage. So if you have any cool project you want to present or if you just want to be part of it or are just courious please please let us know.

So stop by at our virtual grassland located in the 24C3 hackcenter next to the door on the left in front of the Go Lounge and the quadrucopter people and/or feel free to edit this wiki page.


Saturday, 29.12.2007, 17.00-18.30 (Berlin time)

Organisationsmeeting des Chaostreffs Erlangen fuer die ICMP4 im Sommer 2008


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