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Several teams will offer audio- and video-livestreams of the lectures. Please have also a look at the Conference Recordings.


Which Formats?

There are WMV, Flash, Theora, MPEG2 and Ogg Vorbis live streams at the moment.

Windows Media Streams

You can find the WMV/WMA streams there:

  • room 1:
    • mms:// (24c3-local IPv4) (out-of-order ATM)
    • mms:// (IPv4)
    • mms:// (IPv4)
    • mms:// (IPv6)
  • room 2:
    • mms:// (24c3-local IPv4) (out-of-order ATM)
    • mms:// (IPv4)
    • mms:// (IPv4)
    • mms:// (IPv6)
  • room 3:
    • mms:// (24c3-local IPv4) (out-of-order ATM)
    • mms:// (IPv4)
    • mms:// (IPv4)
    • mms:// (IPv6)

Depending on the client you use and your bandwidth, you can chose between a ~500kbit/s and ~1Mbit/s stream.

The IPv666 streams are kind of experimental :)

If you want to switch between the different rooms you can open the following m3u file (in VLC) and then use the next/previous buttons

You can also find the streams on our live-streaming website

The Windows Media Streams are done by the FeM Streaming Team.

Flash Streams

Theora/Vorbis Streams


Audio Only

MPEG Streams

Have a look at DVB-T_Broadcast

If you want to dump stream, use this!

Known problems

The following problems are known, and either you have to live with them, or we are working on them:

The local streams are jerking

The load on the internal streaming machine is too high. We are working on this problem. Keep your thumbs pressed (and watch the external streams in the meantime).

Audio only on one (stereo) channel

Currently the streams are stereo with an empty right channel. Set your player to mono and it will play the audio on both channels.

  • mplayer: mplayer -af channels=1
  • vlc: audio > audiodevice > mono

Audio too quiet

With mplayer you can increase the volume with

 -softvol -softvol-max 500

Complete audio solution for mplayer


 -af channels=1,volume=12:0

to automatically increase the volume by 12dB and multiplex the 1 channel to both sides.

Not enough bandwidth for 1MBit DSL

The ASF streams actually consist of three streams (mplayer -v ...):

1. 50kbit audio (id 1) 2. 1000kbit video (id 2) 3. 400kbit video (id 3)

If your bandwidth is too low and you are using mplayer add the -vid 3 option.

Streams not working?


  • a lecture is being held at the moment (check the Schedule)
  • the (internal) network is up and running (where to check for that?)

and the streams are still not working! - (Only then!) call the Videostudio at 1160.

Please be aware that we're no support hotline.

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