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For other formats and missing videos see FAQ: When will Recordings be available.



  • News are available at Fefe's Blog or the FeM Blog.
  • Fefe, FEM: Thanks!
  • We(FeM Streaming/Recording Team) like to thank beside all the others who made this great event possible especially the A/V Angels and the F00D Operations Center for their great work! Hope to see you next year.
  • The guys from FeM are having some days off (New Years Eve...), but besides that we are working on the release of the few still missing (iPod-compatible) recordings.
  • some new Recordings in ipod-Compatible Format has been released this week (2008-1-11)

Video Recordings


Matroska / Vorbis / H.264 (Main Profile, 8 B-Frames)

  • BT Posted on Fefe's Blog: (seems that these are the final and repaired versions. only important for ppl, who have downloaded the old files: some files differ from those of TPB and cant be recovered by BT clients (afaik), because they differ in file size. rsync should work though. others have just a few bytes in the first chunk changed and are handled ok by BT clients (e.g. you can use the old heavily mirrored files and use them with the new torrents. only the first chunk will be downloaded again (tested with utorrent). a nice tool to test the checksums is cfv.)






MPEG-4 / AAC-LC / H.264 (Main Profile, 8 B-Frames)

Note: The MP4s are not compatible with iPods/iTunes/QuickTime (no, not even with Perian). It's planned to release compatible M4Vs later. (see below)

Web Based ui

MPEG-4 / AAC-LC / H.264 (Base Profile, iPod-compatible)

FeM is doing these encodings. The missing videos will be uploaded soon; after they have finished the encodings (and fixed some of the already released stuff), md5sums will be offered, so you can update/sync your collection.

Official Podcast

Subscribe to these podcasts. New recordings will be posted and can be downloaded automatically once readied for distribution.


North America:


This section contains inofficial transcodings from streams, DVB-T or other sources. Please remember that the source material is made available under german copyright/urheberrecht or is covered by the terms of the Creative Commons by-nc-nd/2.0/de license. Although in our case it is certainly desireable to spread the material as widely as possible, uploading (~=sublicensing) material to commercial portals is usually not a clever idea if you are not the author.

WMV Streamcaptures
Flash Video Portals

Video Recording Bugs

If you find bugs in the (official) video recordings, there's the Video Recording Bugs page.

Audio Recordings


MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (mp3)

OGG Vorbis

Audio Recording Bugs

If you find bugs in the audio recordings, there's the Audio Recording Bugs page.

Text Recordings aka. subtitles

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