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Name BlinkenArea
Coordinator ST
Location Hackcenter
Contact Website

We will be at the Hardware-Hacking-Room. This is the 2nd room on the right side close to the Hackcenter together with Das Labor, BlinkenSisters, Discordian Chaos Lab, the MikrokopterArea and people of the Make Magazine.



The BlinkenArea ("blinken" [=flashing/sparkling/blinking]) is a project group of people who are interested in computers and electronics and in a creative handling of both of it. They attend to the research and operation of flashing projects. In the meantime, more than 60 hard- and software projectes were developed. The group grows constantly and the number of small and big projects rises as well. Detailed information about almost every project is available on the BlinkenArea Projects site. News are always published in the BlinkenArea Blog (mostly in german).

Furthermore, BlinkenArea people set their sights on collecting money which is scheduled to flow into public welfare, e.g. by selling own developed assembly kits or campaigns within bigger projects. The attention is focussed on supporting children, fighting against poverty and spreading education. Beneath, one can find activities taking place on the 24C3.

Everybody who is interested in our "blinken" projects and wants to contribute or support our honorary work is cordially welcomed. We are always looking for software engineers, tinkerer, translators, news editors, designer, musicians (set movies to music), and of course new projects.



Of course, the BlinkenArea will use the opportunity to showcase preferably a lot of old and new projects. be continued


As every year, the Blinkenarea will be selling some kits again. This year, these kits are available (please note that these kits are sold for barely more than the price of the parts, so nothing will be donated):

Name Description Difficulty Price Contact
AntiKippenLights-Mini Small heart consisting of 18 red SMD LEDs, different effects, fits into a matchbox. intermediate (contains SMD parts) 10,- Eur (incl. CR2032 Battery) Arne
LED-23 Number "23" consisting of 19 LEDs, different effects, detailed instructions easy (through-hole parts only) 10,- Eur (incl. 9V Battery) Arne
Ornament Single-Character Display (16 segment) text message flasher (programmable message) very easy (definately suitable for beginners) 5,- Eur (not including Batteries, 2x AA cell needed) Arne
Programmer Cable Programming Adapter for the Micro Readerboard (RS232, 1200 Baud) very easy 1,- Eur Arne

PDP-8 Emulator

The PDP-8 Emulator (hub-8) shows the original propose of BlinkenLights. The whole thing consists of an IBM-PC, a legacy ASR-33 Teletype and a home made Operators Console which has a BlinkenLights based visualisation of the registers and machine states. For more Information visit:

capacitive Touchpads

measuring capacitors small as 10pF with AVR's using "voodomagic" charge transfer (alias switched capacitor) method and ADC. This allows making capacitive switches, rulers, wheels and maybe touchpads using a single AVR with ADC

BlinkenSisters LevelContest

You can win a T-Shirt!

see also BlinkenSisters


You can see the output of the BlinkenXmms live on 18x8/256-Devices.


Public welfare campaign


This year, the BlinkenSisters team is supporting the public welfare campaign. Every cent we collect will go to SOS Kinderdorf! See here for details.

Privacy campagin

Still working on ideas to support the campaigns of the Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung or the FoeBuD e.V. to protect privacy.


You will meet the following people at 24C3:

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