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Name Das Labor
Location Hackcenter
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Consumption habits vs. Rebate points

Nobody grasps that you don't want to disclose your consumption habits for a few rebate points? Nobody thinks about what could be done wrong with a central fingerprint database of all EU citizens? Nobody shows any interest for the fact that every single click in the Internet will soon be recorded for years?

These and other questions like "Could the concept of the 'culture-flatrate' ever possibly work or will our cultural variety die alongside?", "How could open citizen networks be designed in an Internet supportive context?" or "Is it possible to do anything useful with a Trusted Platform Module?" are actively being discussed.

Who tinkers is right

The Labor is a space where things are being done in the first place: We use and develop free software, we solder, we etch, we program microcontrollers and we build antennas. Our goal is to do new and useful things with technology.

The LABOR is dynamic. Its structures are not set. It is also up to you what's happening in and with the Labor. You want to change something or do it better? Do you want to try technology or learn something about its uses? Maybe you just want to meet new people who share your interest? Go ahead! Just come over and participate - the LABOR grows with you!

Learn the rules to know how to break them

Even more important than hardware and equipment are the people who know how all those things work. The Labor has lectures, workshops and discussions about a broad range of technologies. If there is no event, people are tinkering - together or alone. No matter what is happening, knowledge is shared always. The Labor is a home for everything that shows you how the world is ticking.

Lectures held by Labor-Staff

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