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Definition: Lightning Talks is a daily event. which consists in one hour of several short talks. Each talk is limited to five minutes.

Goal: There is one slot for Lightning Talks each day of the congress. The goal is to present 10 talks within each slot. So this might be up to 40 interesting talks in total.

Register: You can offer your lightning talk here. We want to know the following things:

* Title
* Language
* Speaker
* Description

Title: Make it short. Avoid a long title with explanations.

Language: Indicate whether the talk is in German (DE) or English (EN). Klingonian is also ok - but expect to be misunderstood.

Speaker: Your realname or nickname, possibly linked to your own page in this wiki, or to your homepage - plus a contact address, so we can contact you about changes. your dect number can be useful here, too.

Description: A really *short* description of your program/project. Please use complete sentences. 100 words max. A link to a website is recommended.

NOTE: If more than ten people apply for each day then the Content Team (Jennifer Gergen + Sven Guckes) will select the talks from the list. So please give an accurate description on what you are going to talk about.

See also: more information Sven's page with more info about the talks - please read!


(Lightning Talks were introduced at 21C3.)


Day 1 - December 27th

Number Title Language Speaker(s) Description
1 CongressRadio Link in English Oliver from CongressRadio In our presentation we will introduce the CongressRadio, tell a little bit about upcoming Podcasts and - more important - how to join us and publish a Podcast too.
2 Link in English equinox - the internet in a bottle. We've been a IPv4/v6 VPN since about 2002. If you're interested in how the internet really works (on the IP level), you'll find us to be a neat playground for experimenting with the likes of dynamic routing and multicasting. A workshop is planned at midnight from 1st to 2nd day.
3 City Top-Level-Domains like .nyc, paris and .berlin Link in English krischenowski A brief overview on how upcoming new Top-Level-Domains for cities, regions and cultural communities will influence the way we navigate on the Internet. Two initiatives will be presented and discussed: .berlin and .nyc
4 Open Video Streaming from the 23C3 Link in English Telmich (and | or perhaps others; if noone prepares the speech, I'll do it) We (!eof and ccc-ulm) plan to stream videos from the 23C3 with open (audio/video) codecs like vorbis+theora packed into OGG. This talk will explain you how to use the streams and how to help (if you have spare high end hardware at the 23C3).
5 StudiVZ - Inofficial statistics presentation Link in German Hagen Fritsch StudiVZ ist eine bekannte deutsche Studentenplatform. Bis vor wenigen Wochen war es möglich die öffentlichen Nutzerprofile automatisiert und ungehindert auszulesen. Ich werde zeigen, wie das Auslesen funktionierte und einige Statistiken aus den gewonnenen Daten präsentieren. There is nothing special about this talk. This is no rant againts StudiVZ. They learned their lesson and fixed the bugs.
6 Communityseiten, und wie man es nicht macht Link in German /Link in English ? ichdasich Es gibt da so ein drei Seiten mit so ein paar aehm... Hundertausend... Datensaetzen. Und die sind nicht so aehm... ganz sicher. Und aehm... das wollen die nicht wissen. Und das soll auch sonst niemand wissen. Und damit auch jeder weisz, was man da vergessen soll... fuehr ich das nochmal kurz auf.

There're a few communitysites with about er... a few thousand... er... pice of personal data... and these sites aren't... very er... secure. Er... but the administrators... doesn't want to know... and... noone should know about that. And... so i'll show, what we should forget... so that... er... everyone knows what to forget.

7 CAcert - Free S/MIME & SSL Certificates Link in German wonderer Eine kurze Einführung in das warum brauche ich eine digitale Unterschrift, wiso SSL Zertifikate und weshalb sind die bei kostenlos
ACHTUNG: weitere Infos und die kostenlose Assurance am Stand im 1.OG
8 Linux bunt und hübsch - Compiz, XGL, AIGLX Link in English hanno Linux ist langweilig, grau und man arbeitet am liebsten mit drei Konsolen nebeneinander? So wird das nix mit der World Domination.

Wie freie Software auch mit optisch ansprechenden 3D-Effekten aufwarten kann, sowie ein kurzer Überblick über die Treibersituation.

Day 2 - December 28th

Number Title Language Speaker(s) Description
1 What is the wiki-net? Link in English MattisManzel A proposal for a decentralized and community-driven network of neighborhood amongst wikis regardless which engine is in use. A draft of how wikis plugged into the wiki-net might look like. See the text of the lightning talk and the recorded video-streaming.
2 NEO-Layout Link in German Benjamin Kellermann Das NEO-Tastaturlayout ý ein deutsches ergonomisches Tastaturlayout ý wurde gerade erst überarbeitet um das Schreiben von Zeichen die am Computer häufig gebraucht werden zu erleichtern. Das Layout und seine Weiterentwicklung wird in diesem Vortrag vorgestellt.
3 Tinboy - Bottom-up Modeling of Personal Notes Link in English Bela Tinboy is an open source project supporting personal notetaking and the emergent, bottom-up

organization and modeling of the notes. I've started the project recently and looking for feedback and discussion. See Tinboy for more details.

4 $100-Laptop Link in English Bert
An introduction to eToys on the One Laptop Per Child project. Great idea, awesome little machine, free software.
5 LinuxBIOS Link in English Peter Stuge LinuxBIOS aims at replacing the proprietary BIOS you can find in most of today's computers. I will describe LinuxBIOS' key features, talk about how OLPC benefit from using LinuxBIOS, mention some future possibilities, talk about recent developments following the LinuxBIOS Symposium in Hamburg this October and show a demo.
6 XSPF and libSpiff Link in English Subzero1438 Short introduction and overview of XSPF and libSpiff

>> Slides (PDF)
>> Sources (ZIP renamed to PDF, please use "Save Link As...")

7 Hacktivismo Link in English MiB A short introduction & history of Hacktivismo and it's projects. Nothing can compare to the candy-throwing, stage-diving, crotch-grabbing, guitar-wailing, inter-species sex-depicting, computer-smashing & panty-wetting experience that is a live cDc performance.


8 Wearable Computing Link in English Kai Kunze Short overview about the state of the art in ubiquitous/wearable computing research.
9 Nethack Bot Link in English Benjamin 'blindcoder' Schieder Short introduction of Nethack, (nao) and the Nethack farmbot

Day 3 - December 29th

Number Title Language Speaker(s) Description
1 Hackers's Profiling Project Link in English Raoul Chiesa, Alessio L.R. Pennasilico, Elisa Bortolani We well explain the project whose purpose is try to describe objectively "your" everyday life, providing the people that have a poor knowledge of the hacking scene and the digital underground with a clear vision, uninfluenced by mass-media and by personal prejudices, putting an end to all the common-places and stereotypes surrounding this fascinating world.
2 VoIP (in)security Link in English Alessio L.R. Pennasilico aka mayhem A really fast overview of risks about voip trough the opensource tools to test/subvert it
3 Is war dialing still a threat? Link in English Julio Cesar Fort This is part of the result of a small project started by myself this year in Brazil and its purpose is to question if old school hacking and forgotten techniques, like war dialing, still pose as threat nowadays.
4 New Computer Game Concepts Link in English Peter C. Krell details will follow
5 smap - SIP device discovery and fingerprinting Link in English Hendrik Scholz How to locate and identify SIP based VoIP devices on the Internet. The talks explains how it works, how to enhance your hit rates and what's coming in the future.
6 What you have in common with a guinea pig Link in English / Link in German Thomas Waldmann Some strange facts about ascorbic acid. Web site: Paper (en): (Link in German: Was Du mit einem Meerschweinchen gemeinsam hast - einige seltsame Fakten zu Vitamin C.)
7 Rant on 4D Link in English Dan Top 10 reasons I'd rather be <burned/eaten/launched into the sun> than develop on a 4D database. A hopefully ammusing rant of complaints/observations/request for comments on my experience working on a 4D database project.
8 hacking the education system Link in English SJ Klein
An introduction to the One Laptop Per Child project as a way to hack education. Goals of the project, how to contribute code or art, and ongoing contests.
9 dataloss Link in English / Link in German fukami Since quite a while maintains DLDOS, the "Data Loss Database - Open Source". We are going to start a similar project for incidents in the german speaking part of the net. The talk is an introduction into ideas behind the two projects.
10 The Martus Project Link in English / Annie Harrison The Martus document management system allows human rights organizations to build encrypted databases and securely back up sensitive information. Martus is free, opensource and used by NGOs in 15 countries around the world including Colombia, Guatemala, Iraq, Burma and the U.S.
11 Vericool for Schools(now on Day 4) Link in English / Link in German Benni In the UK several schools have been equipped with fingerprint registration systems for monitoring attendence and punctuality. We got the chance to hack around with one of them using C# reverse engineering, VB-script and databases, with astonishing results.

Im Vereinten Königreich haben einige Schulen fingerabdruckbasierte Anwesenheitsregistriersysteme eingeführt. Wir hatten die Chance ein wenig mit C#-Decompilierung, VB-script und Datenbanken rumzuhacken; mit erstaunlichen Resultaten.

Day 4 - December 30th

Number Title Language Speaker(s) Description
1 Taktische Gedanken zu verlorenen Schlachten Link in German Christoph Strasen Betrachtung zu geführten Schlachten im Kampf um die Bürgerrechte. Skizzierung neuer Strategien
2 Haxplorer Link in English Justin Kelly A nice little program to break into somebody's php/mysql website and turn it into a web based file manager, allowing malicious users to browse any file or directory on a poorly configured web server. If you build e-commerce sites with php/mysql you must attend this talk.
3 CSRF in 5min Link in English Justus Winter Create a Session Riding Exploit for an in-production web application in five minutes.
4 Warum wir Open Source Hardware brauchen Link in German hsank Ohne freie und offene Hardware keine freie und offene Software. 5 Gründe in 5 Minuten.
5 Consolen Hacking Suprise (XBox360) Link in German Anonym The XBox360 was live hacked in front of the audience - running Linux and Mac OS coming soon. Stay tuned - a Linux kernel is already booting..
6 Lightning Talk on Infotag Link in German Martin "Monkey" Roecker Informationen zum Linux Infotag Augsburg (call for papers/participants).
7 YAXWE - Yet Another Xacktogether of West & East Link in English Marcell Mars - Where will we see (each other) again? YAXWE is hacker's camp in ex-military base in pula (istria), adriatic coast, croatia, may 2007.
8 Pretty Slow Privacy -- Crypto in a subshell Link in English Matthias Bauer Public Key Crypto with only a few POSIX shell utilities: Code, Slides
9 The 2007 G8 Summit and IP Enforcement as one of its main issues Link in English Oliver Moldenhauer -,

Netzwerk freies Wissen

Angela Merkel has made Intellectual "property" and its enforcement one of the 2007 G8 summits main

issues. Civil society and movements are preparing for this to show a different view on how to encourage innovation

10 Link in English Tim Kuijsten, In order to rule the world, (a free online storage project) needs cgi programmers and hardware
11 EPLA or Software Patents v3.0 Link in English Benjamin Henrion, FFII Brussels Future of patent policy in Europe, and howto bypass the European Parliament's rejection of EU software patents in july 2005
12 Blinks & Buttons Link in English Sascha Pohflepp, Between Blinks & Buttons are two projects about the camera as a networked object. Through making their photos public on the internet, individuals create traces of themselves.
13 Martus Link in English Ann Harrison Martus allows human rights organizations to build encrypted databases and securely back up sensitive information. Martus is used by NGOs in 15 countries around the world.
14 Vericool for Schools Link in English / Link in German Benni In the UK several schools have been equipped with fingerprint registration systems for monitoring attendence and punctuality. We got the chance to hack around with one of them using C# reverse engineering, VB-script and databases, with astonishing results.

Im Vereinten Königreich haben einige Schulen fingerabdruckbasierte Anwesenheitsregistriersysteme eingeführt. Wir hatten die Chance ein wenig mit C#-Decompilierung, VB-script und Datenbanken rumzuhacken; mit erstaunlichen Resultaten.

15 social bugs in election computers Link in English / Link in German alex The worst bug I can imagine in an election computer is making me unable to make my choice invalid. Some word's why this would be really bad.
16 IPRED2: criminal sanctions for infringements of intellectual property rights Link in English Reinier Bakels, researcher at Utrecht University - Center for Intellectual Property ( IPRED2 is a directive currently discussed in the European Parliament that plans to criminalise all infringements of intellectual property (copyright, patents, trademarks...). Some deputies have introduced far reaching amendments, such as criminalisation of P2P or P2P software.
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