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!eof - alles andere ist nur IRC

Fly to Berlin, Buy a Ticket and play with lego!

Like every year a large group of people connected to !eof, hacker-hippie or the good old thinknerd hackers will be attending the 3C congress in berlin.

If you see someone at the congress with an !eof t-shirt or sweater, she/he isn't more important, more special nor anything else than you. However this person could be somewhat more crazy, drunk or stoned.

!eof is generally not organized, not existing and not only IRC. Just stay curious.

If you are really curious: join !eof on ircnet or just talk to the person (get confused!).

You will see many of us being Angels (of mercy), some trying to do some chaotic things, some even more strange things.

The official homepage can be found at https://public.eof.name/index.php?title=!eof (though the inoffical one is the real one, the big one, the one with the inofficial stuff ;-)

If you want to find us, just follow the black rabbit and have a look at the !eof-flag.

(Warning: This page could contain information later)

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