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What is the "CongressRadio"?

Since 19C3, the 19. Chaos Communication Congress, members of a action group called "" are organizing and establishing a temporary Radiostation for the annual conventions of the Chaos Computer Club between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Berlin.

History of CongressRadio:

From 10th of December 2003 until 11th of January 2004, the airwaves of Berlin rattled as young radio enthusiasts united to broadcast a new kind of Radiostation - "radioriff" and "radioriff away on travel". Every evening, the latter went away from the studio to another place like a bar, a club, a cinema, a workspace, an event location - and it went of course to the 20C3 at the Berlin Congress Center. It was the first time, that the Chaos Communication Congress took place there. At 21C3 our four radio shows were broadcasted from eight to nine p.m. on TwenFM 104,1 MHz. We presented news, interviews with lecturers and visitors from the 21C3 and nice music. It's certainly understood, that the CongressRadio was present at the 22C3 again - but in 2005 there was no non-commercial local FM-Radiostation left in Berlin and that's why we started with podcasting in German and English.

CongressRadio was present again at the 23C3 and there were be radio transmissions and podcasting again (same procedere as last year).

24C3: There will be CongressRadio again at the 24. chaos communication congress in december 2007.

You can join the CongressRadio-Team if you like!


If you want to participate or have any questions, please call us at the 23C3 at our POC-Phonenumber: "1234" or contact us via our weblog contact form.

  • Location: Room C81
  • POC-Phone: 1234

Before 23C3: If you have any questions, please contact Cyworg, as she is the one of us, who is the most up-to-date. For questions regarding podcasting or the CongressRadio-website, please contact Oliver.


For more information have a regulary look at our website/weblog

PhoneCasting / Feedback

There is a feedback telephonenumber, provided by the POC and administered by the CongressRadio, which can be called at 01801 585 585 8379 (outside of Germany please use 0049 1801 585 585 8379 instead).

It is a sipgate-telephonenumber and can of course be called from sipgate at: 585 8379.

If you are using Freephone or freenet iPhone or Iptel please call: 01801 585 585 8379.

If you are using FreeWorldDialup or callUK or Gossiptel or Gradwell please call: **777 585 8379.

If you are using Sipphone please call: 1777 585 8379 and if you are using Telio please call: 000777 585 8379.

The CongressRadio editors will look after your messages and produce a CongressRadio PhoneCast with your feedback. Thanks.




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