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International FAQ

This is the english version of the current FAQ. Have fun.


last modified:      16.12.1999
maintained by:      the FAQ slave <faq@congress.ccc.de>
posting-frequency:  random
update-frequency:   scientifically measurable

change log:

1.2: accommodation, new tips (2.5)
     11 mbit/sec wireless ethernet (4.3)
     refined version of press regulations (1.6)
1.1: date of press conference corrected (section 1.6)
     local swimming pool in congress vicinity added (2.7)
     jolt and club mate (3.2)
1.0: initial public release


berlin, dec. 27th thru 29th 1999


    1.1  what is the chaos communication congress?
    1.2  where and when does it take place?
    1.3  what are the times of opening? when should i arrive?
    1.4  is the congress something for me?
    1.5  can i help out at the congress?
    1.6  press
    1.7  language


    2.1  arrival by train
    2.2  arrival by car
    2.3  once in berlin, how do i get to the congress?
    2.4  where can i find a car pool for my trip to the congress?
    2.5  where can i find accommodation?
    2.6  notice to visitors with disabilities 
    2.7  local swimming pool in congress vicinity


    3.1  entry fees and booking
    3.2  catering / prices
    3.3  can i bring my computer?
    3.4  is my stuff insured?


    4.1  is there internet at the congress?
    4.2  how do i receive an ip-adress and a dns entry?
    4.3  what equipment does my computer need for the congress net?
    4.4  which services and protocols can i use on the congress net?
    4.5  are there any codes of conduct on the congress net?
    4.6  i'd like to install a web-cam. is that ok?


    5.1  where can i find up-to-date information on the congress?
    5.2  where can i submit projects for the congress?
    5.3  there's an error in this faq


1.1  what is the chaos communication congress?

the chaos communication congress is a three-day seminar on technology,
society and utopia. the congress offers lectures and workshops on a
multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information
technology, it-security, internet, cryptography and generally a
critical-creative attitude towards technology and is an invitation to
an open discussion of these.

at the hack center anyone can hook up his own hardware to the congress
net and gain, as well as exchange practical experiences. (see 3.3) the
chaos-archive offers documents from the past 20 years of computing-
and hacking-history. there are photocopyiers available for personal
backups. the congress is a meeting-point of the hacker-scene, but it
also adresses participants from commerce, politics and society in

the chaos communication congress (ccc) is an event hosted by the chaos
computer club e.v. (ccc)

parallel to the congress the 3rd german championship in lock-picking
will take place on-site. more information on this event can be
obtained at http://www.ssdev.org.

1.2  where and when does the congress take place?

this year the congress will take place again in berlin at the
convention center "Haus am Köllnischen Park":

        december 27th thru 29th 1999
        haus am köllnischen park (hakp)
        (convention center berlin-mitte)
        am köllnischen park 6-7
        10179 berlin

for a more geographical description check:


parking lots are available at the convention center.

1.3  what are the times of opening? when should i arrive?

the entrance is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. events begin at 10
a.m. and end at 6 p.m.  at 7 p.m. all workshop-venues will be closed.
at 10 p.m. the entrance will be locked.

breakfast will be available from 9 a.m. at the chaos-café which will
additionally offer cooked meals until ca. 6 p.m. after which snacks
and beverages will be on sale.

visitors bringing their own hardware and wishing to arrive early can
hit the convention centre from dec. 26th onward. if you are one of
these people you should definitely read section 3.3!

1.4  is the congress something for me?

the congress adresses all life-forms of this galaxy with a tendency
towards or an interest in a critical-creative approach to technology.
the congress adresses freaks and beginners equally and offers suitable
workshops and lectures for everyone. participants with an aversion to
such blah-di-blah activities simply spend three days at the hack

a number of events adress beginners, others again are intended for
advanced experts. all lectures offer a high degree of interactivity
and audience participation. *you* are the congress!

should you be intersted in holding a lecture or organising a workshop,
please contact the hosts of the congress to arrange the necessary
space, hardware and time-slot. (more details on this in section 5.2)

1.5  can i help out at the congress?

indeed! we're looking for "chaos angels" to support us with regular
tasks for the entire period of the congress. as a chaos-angel you
won't end up constantly stuck with work: we simply will ask you from
time to time to help with particular tasks.

we expect from participants registered as chaos-angel that they commit
themselves for at least one of the days of the congress, so that we
are able to set up timetables and plan ahead. there are various topics
and/or areas for which participants wishing to register as chaos-angel
can apply for.

in return, chaos-angels will have a reclining area of their own set
aside where they can hang out and have fun away from all of the hussle
and bussle. you will also receive one of our excellent
congress-t-shirts for free.

should you be interested, please register in advance with our nifty
web-form at <http://www.ccc.de/congress/engel.html>. specific requests
should be adressed to engel@congress.ccc.de.

1.6  press

a special entry fee has been arranged for members of the press. in
return a designated press room will be made available for
preparations, relaxation, access to documenation, interviews etc.

filming and taking of photographs is permitted on day #1 (dec. 27th
1999) during the time of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. only. however, no
photographs or films are allowed at _any_ time in the _lower_ part of
the hackcenter and in the cafeteria. visual recordings of lectures are
permitted, if explicit approval has been granted by the lecturer in
question. in any case, no visual recordings of the audience are

in general, as well as during workshops and lectures, no visual
recordings may be taken from visitors of the congress if no explicit
permission has been granted. surveys among prospective visitors
indicate that visitors to the congress do wish to make use of their
right to their own image, which makes these regulations concerning
visual recordings necessary.

on sunday, dec. 26th 1999 at 8 p.m. a press conference  will be held
by the CCC. all members of the press are invited to participate.

events hosted by the ssdev are governed by separate regulations
concerning the entry to their venues. members of the press wishing to
cover any of these events are advised to check these regulations at


further details for members of the press are available from a
dedicated press-faq hosted on the congress webserver at


all members of the press wishing to cover the congress are kindly
requested to register _in advance_, in order to enable effective
coordination. a registration-form is available at


1.7  language

in general, all lectures, discussions and workshops will be held in
german. unfortunately there will be no translation or dubbing services
available. lectures and workshops of international participants will
partially be held in english. such events will receive a special
notice in the congress itinery.

previous proceedings of the congress suggest a significant percentage
of international participants. especially european visitors from the
netherlands, austria, poland, chechoslovakia, switzerland and hungary
have expressed lively interest and participation in the past. numerous
requests for information regarding the congress have also been
received from france, italy, spain, denmark and sweden. communication
shouldn't poise any unsurmountable problems, however: here at the
congress everybody can speak english.

as of now, further versions of this faq in other languages are planned
but haven't been realised yet. an up-to-date listing of all
language-versions of this faq can be found at


volunteers for other languages please contact <faq@congress.ccc.de>!


2.1  arrival by train

the probably best way to travel to berlin by train is from hannover,
nürnberg or hamburg via the i.c.e. (= international city express)
routes. most trains stop at "zoologischer garten" in the western part
of town, as well as at "ostbahnhof" (you guessed it: in the eastern
part). to check connections you can use the online timetable of the
deutsche bahn at


participants planning to travel directly to the congress by train,
should get off at ostbahnhof and take the bus no. 240 to "u
heinrich-heine-strasse" from where it's only a couple of meters to the
hakp (congress center "haus am köllnischen park"). the bus leaves the
station every 20 minutes (every 10 minutes during rush-hour).
alternatively, take the s-bahn *back* (in relation to the direction
you took by train) one station to "s jannowitz brücke" from where it's
ca. 150 meters to the hakp. (see also section 2.3)

if your train ends at "zoologischer garten", take the u-bahn u2 to
"märkisches museum" (trains running to "vinetastrasse") from where
it's ca. 100 meters to the hakp.

maps of the congress vicinity are available at:


2.2  arrival by car

the best way to reach berlin by car is to use one of the
"autobahn"-routes, any of which will lead you onto the "berliner ring"
(a10). depending on which section of the a10 this approach leads you
to, we advise different routes.

hint: berlin is notorious for its numerous construction sites and a
rather lively activity in the area of street renaming. we therefore
strongly suggest to use a fairly _recent_ edition of a city map, in
order to avoid confusion and frustration due to "missing" or
"unexpected" buildings, stations, streets etc.

-> arrival via A24 or A11 (the direct route)

in this case, it is best to use the A114 from "autobahndreieck pankow"
(exit 32). the A114 turns into prenzlauer promenade after a while,
then into prenzlauer allee. continue until alexanderplatz. turn left
at the "forum hotel", immediatly right, then left again. now you're on
alexanderstrasse leading towards an s-bahn bridge. drive underneath
this bridge onto "brückenstrasse". take the second turn right
(rungestrasse), then the first left which incidentially is named
"strasse am köllnischen park". voila!

-> arrival via A2 or A9 (the scenic route)

driving eastward, exit the a10 at "dreieck drewitz" and take the a115
("avus") towards berlin central. after several kilometers straight
onward you'll reach the big autobahn-shebang where you need to take
the a100 towards _hamburg_ (!); but only for a little while - after a
few hundred meters take the exit "kaiserdamm". once on the
"kaiserdamm" itself (a large town road) follow it eastward, straight
ahead towards the "brandenburger tor" (yup, you're doing the "tourist
thing" :-)

as of this writing, the brandenburger tor is closed for motorized
traffic, so you need to take a right when you reach it. after this
detour you'll find yourself back on track (street signs should now
resemble something like "unter den linden"). continue eastwards yet
again, past the former "palast der republik", then turn right onto
"spandauer strasse". continue past the "rote rathaus" (the city hall)
past two intersections onto "stralauer strasse" until you reach the
s-bahn-bridge. continue underneath the bridge and take a right at the
next intersection (this will lead you underneath the s-bahn for a
second time). you are/should be now on "brückenstrasse". turn into the
second street (rungestrasse), then immediately left again into the
"strasse am köllnischen park". presto! 

-> arrival via A12 or A13 (the unspectacular route)

if you arrive on the a12, simply ignore the a10. instead locate the
a113 and take it straight into town. in case you arrive on the a13,
enter the a10 until "schönefelder kreuz" where you exit onto the a113.
either way you'll end up on the a113. after a while the a113 turns
into the b96, leading - eventually - to berlin central. be stubborn,
play hard: stick straight to the b96 (don't let that little detour
around the "treptower park" upset or deter you) until you reach an
s-bahn-bridge. drive underneath it. brace yourself. continue dead
straight ahead. the road you're taking will change its name several
times en-route: puschkinallee, schlesische strasse, köpenicker
strasse. towards the end of "köpenicker strasse" you'll intersect
"brückenstrasse" resp. "heinrich-heine-strasse" at the u-bahn station
"heinrich-heine-strasse". continue for one more intersection, then
turn right into "strasse am köllnischen park". bingo!

2.3  once in berlin, how do i get to the congress?

the u-bahn station "u heinrich-heine-strasse" (u-bahn u8, bus no. 240,
265) is just a few meters away from the convention centre "haus am
köllnischen park" (hakp). this should be your station of choice to
reach the congress comfortably.

the stations "u märkisches museum" (u2) and "s jannowitzbrücke" are a
bit further off, but definitely within walking distance.

time-tables of the "bvg" (the berlin public transport authority) are
available online at:


but the deutsche bahn has also all of the inner-urban connections in
its web-database, so you can check your connections online as well at


the precise wording of the station there is "Heinrich-Heine-Str. (U),

2.4  where can i find a car pool for my trip to the congress?

car-pools are published at


2.5  where can i find accommodation?

a word in advance: due to the y2k neurosis (mildly related to the y2k
bug) berlin is already now pretty much fully booked. in case of
emergency ask at the tourist office (tel. *49.30.2500025) or search at

who are usually well stocked with offers.


as in last year, we offer the possibility to "sleep cheap" at a nearby
gym. we charge dm 10,- per person per night. the gym will be open
during the nights of dec. 26th thru to dec. 30th inclusive. directions
will be available at the info-desk at the congress.


there are several backpacker-hostels and inexpensive hotels in berlin
offering accommodation in single- or multi-bedrooms for dm 22 to 38
per night. these hostels are usually available on short-term booking,
however, demand is high during the congress. we strongly recommend
timely booking.

the following listing is sorted by distance to the congress. prices
are quoted without guarantee. visitors not bringing their own sheets
or yh-sleeping bags should prepare themselves for an additional
one-time fee of dm 3 to 7.

    Jugendgästehaus des DSJ (DM 38,50 per person)
    Franz-Künstler-Straße 4-10, D-10969 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
    Tel +49 (30) 6151007, Fax +49 (30) 6146339

    Frederik's Hostel (DM 22-DM 35 per person)
    Straße der Pariser Kommune 35, D-10243 Berlin (Friedrichshain)
    Tel +49 (30) 29669450, Fax +49 (30) 29669452
    http://www.frederiks.de, hostel@frederiks.de

    Circus The Hostel (DM 25-DM 38 per person)
    Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 39-41, D-10117 Berlin (Mitte)
    Tel +49 (30) 28391433, Fax +49 (30) 28391484
    http://www.circus-berlin.de/, circus@mind.de
    STATUS: critical, nearly full

    Backpacker Hostel Berlin (DM 25-DM 38 per person)
    Chausseestrasse 102, D-10115 Berlin (Mitte)
    Tel +49 (30) 2625140, Fax +49 (30) 28390935

    Jugendgästehaus Berlin (DM 32 per person)
    Kluckstraße 3, D-10785 Berlin (Tiergarten)
    Tel +49 (30) 2611098, Fax +49 (30) 2650383 
    STATUS: dec 27th to 28th: no problem (200 vacancies), after that:
critical to booked

    Lette'm sleep 7 (DM 26-DM 45 per person)
    Lettestraße 7, D-10478 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)
    Tel +49 (30) 44733623, Fax +49 (30) 44733625
    STATUS: 20 to 30 vacancies

for the more affluent visitor of the congress there are a number of
inexpenisve hotels. prices quoted in this listing represent the
_minimum_ charge for single as well as double rooms.

    Hotel zur Reichspost (single: DM 65, double: DM 90)
    Urbanstraße 84, D-10967 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
    Tel +49 (30) 6911035, Fax +49 (30) 6937889
    conveniently located at the U8

    Hotel Garni Am Anhalter Bahnhof (single: DM 80)
    (4/5-bedroom total for DM 40 per person)
    Stresemannstraße 36, D-10963 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
    Tel +49 (30) 2510342, Fax +49 (30) 2514897

    Pension Kreuzberg (single: DM 70)
    Großbeerenstraße 64, D-10963 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
    Tel +49 (30) 2511362, Fax +49 (30) 2510638


visitors accustomed to a higher standard of living may wish to
consider the following hotels within the vicinity of the congress:

    Hotel Luisenhof (single: DM 210, double: DM 250)
    Köpenicker Straße 92, D-10179 Berlin (Mitte)
    Tel +49 (30) 2415906, Fax +49 (30) 2792983
    art'otel ermelerhaus berlin (single: DM 235, double: DM 275)
    Wallstraße 70-73, D-10179 Berlin (Mitte)
    Tel +49 (30) 24062-0, Fax +49 (30) 24062-222
    http://www.artotel.de, berlin@artotel.de

2.6  notice to visitors with disabilities

the congress is of course also available and open to visitors with
disabilities and/or wheelchairs. should you require any assistance,
please don't hesitate to contact the "angel coordination office" (via
the info desk) where you can have a "chaos angel" assigned for your

the berlin public transport authority bvg has dedicated web-pages for
people with disabilities. you can find them at


likewise for the s-bahn:


visitors with wheelchairs arriving with public transportation are
advised to use the s-bahn to "s-bahnhof jannowitzbrücke", as this
station is equipped with an elevator. from "jannowitzbrücke" it's
approx. 150 meters to the congress venue.

at the convention center itself a toilet for disabled people and an
elevator are available. (keys for the elevator can be obtained at the
info-desk). by these means all venues may be accessed without the use
of stairs, except for workshop 1/2 and the lower floor of the
hackcenter. these are accessable via a stair with ca. 15 steps.

2.7  public swimming pool in congress vicinity

there is a public swimming pool located aprox. 10 min. by foot from
the hakp. the adress is 

Holzmarktstraße 51, 
10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain, 
Tel +49 (030) 2492174.


it is open until 6 p.m. on dec. 26th and until 11 p.m. on dec. 27th to
entry is dm 4,- reduced and dm 6.- regular per day.


3.1  entry fees and booking

access to the congress is available with either a day-pass or a full
ticket covering all three days. each participant will receive a
receipt upon request. journalists and commercial visitors receive an
invoice along with complete congress documentation material.

visitors paying in advance will enjoy the comforts of quick admittance
and a pre-issued pass. you also support us substantially in dealing
with costs that we need to cover in advance ourselves.

    full tickets (valid on all days of the congress)

    standard                        DM 50,--
    students                        DM 30,--

    CCC e.V. members                DM 30,--
    SSD e.V. members                DM 30,--

    press                           DM 75,--
    commercial participants         DM 300,--

    day passes
    standard                        DM 23,--
    students                        DM 15,--

children under the age of 12 get in free.

members of the ccc e.v. will be identified through a list at the box
office. this list will include all members who have paid their
membership fees prior to dec. 15th 1999. members of the ssd e.v. may
identify themselves with their membership cards.

if you wish to pay in advance, please enter the appropriate amount
into the following account no later than dec. 15th 1999:

        owner:          Chaos Communication Congress
        number:         2028-100
        bank code:      100 100 10
        bank:           Postbank Berlin
        subject:        "CONGRESS99 <YOUR-NAME-HERE>"

please bring in any case the transaction receipt with you! without
this receipt, proof of payment will not be possible at the box office.
we mean it. your ticket will be waiting for you under your name.

3.2  catering

the cafeteria of the convention center offers cooked meals, snacks,
tea, coffee and other beverages during the entire day.

canned jolt and club mate will be amply provided for.

3.3  can i bring my computer?

yes. there's plenty of room for this very purpose at the hack center.
every participant is invited to bring their computer and hook it up to
the congress net. (see also section 4).

any hardware larger than pocket-size (i.e. desktop computers, laptops,
notebooks, monitors etc. but not mobile phones, pilots etc.) _must_ be
registered at the entrance. such items may be removed from the
building only with the appropriate congress pass and only during the
main hours from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

if you wish, a photograph or id-number (drivers-licence, passport) can
be entered on/attached to the congress pass to ensure the
effectiviness of this method even if the congress pass should become

3.4  is my stuff insured?

all exits from the congress and the hack center will be guarded at all
times and only items on the hardware list will be let out. once again:
hardware may be removed from the building only with the appropriate
congress pass and only during the main hours from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.  w
e  m e a n  i t !

however, we cannot take any responsibility for lost or stolen hardware
whatsoever. visitors wishing to insure their machinery should get a
private hardware insurance policy from their insurance company of


4.1  is there internet on the congress?

indeed! all computers at the hack center, workshops and venues will be
connected to the internet. we will have leased-line connectivity with
- at the very least - feasible bandwith.

every participant is entitled to bring his/her hardware, set it up at
the hack center and hook it up to the congress net.

4.2  how do i receive an ip-adress and a dns entry?

you receive your ip-adress for your computer at the hack center.
issuance follows rfc 2322 using labelled clothes pegs.


once booted, you can register your machine online at the congress
nick. point your browser of choice to


here you can enter your nickname. you will receive a pop3/imap mailbox
with <nickname>@congress.ccc.de and can register a dns-entry with your
ip-adress <nickname>.congress.ccc.de. should you set up a name server
of your own, you can run your own subdomain under

congress nicks are issued strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis.

4.3  what equipment does my computer need for the congress net?

principially, congress net is either offered on a 10base-t (10
mbit/sec) or 100base-tx (100 mbit/sec) basis with rj45 jacks. if
10base-2 connectivity is required, this may be achieved with
additional hubs equipped with such an interface, however, 10base-2 may
not be available everywhere. the number of hubs available is rather
limited. pleasse bring plenty of cables, patch-cords and hubs of your
own and label them with your name and phonenumber.

visitors with IEEE 802.11-compliant hardware may use wireless ethernet
(2 mbit/sec or 802.11b/802.11HR
11mbit/sec) at the congress. please contact the hack center and ask
for special ip-adresses.

please keep in mind, that the following items might become rare rather
quickly. should you have any of them lying around at home: bring 'em!

     - ethernet-wiring (twisted pair/coax) (!)
     - rj45 jacks
     - crimps
     - hubs & switches (!)
     - multi-ac-outlets
     - power-cord extensions

we're striving to offer 100 mbit/sec connectivity on all segments of
the congress net, however, we can't give any guarantee.

4.4  which services and protocols can i use on the congress net?

in principal, all ethernet-capable protocols are usable. this means,
that besides ip also appletalk, decnet, ipx/spx, sna and netbios
(netbios/netbeui, netbios/tcpbeui) may be used. internet connectivity
is ip only.

alternatively to ipv4, ipv6 may also be used. ipv6 to the internet
will be tunnelled.

access to the net will not be filtered. visitors wishing for security
will need to set up their own firewall. however, the chaos
communication congress is certainly not a good neighbourhood for
sensitive data to hang out - any time of day! or to stress the
metaphor even further: your kids will definitely play in traffic!

the best thing is not to bring any sensitive data on your harddisc in
the first place. people wishing to read email via the congress net
should use at least pop3/imap4 or, even better yet, secure telnet
(i.e. via ssh). passwords are game at the congress!

4.5  are there any codes of conduct on the congress net?

yes. in short: live and let live. already the previous congress, as
well as the camp have showed, that some people enjoy attacking the
network infrastructure just for the sake of it. experienced hackers
frown upon such attempts and find such behaviour silly, superfluous
and intolerable. delinquents caught hacking internal machines will be
sentenced to toilet-cleaning not under 23 seats.

participants who think it's a terribly good laugh to crash other
machines with nukes and other niceties are risking their
ethernet-card. hacking is great sport, but nastiness will be answered
accordingly. read our lips.

unsophisticated hacking on the internet (i.e. brute force attacks, dos
etc.) are to be avoided under all circumstances. please keep in mind

furthermore, you are kindly requested to use speakers sparingly and
quietly only.

4.6  i'd like to install a web-cam. is that ok?

webcams are permitted on the upper floor of the hack-center. they are
_not_ permitted in the lower section.


5.1  where can i find up-to-date information on the congress?

all information regarding the congress (including this faq) are
available at the ccc website at


should you wish to receive updates to this faq via email, please
register at the chaos update mailing list. to do so, send a mail to


you will receive an automatic response for confirmation. to get on the
list, simply reply to that mail.

5.2  where can i submit projects for the congress?

if you wish to conduct a workshop or lecture of your own or to act as
co-lecturer on an existing one, please contact

organisational questions not concerning lecturers or workshop
conductors should be adressed to <crew@congress.ccc.de>.

5.3  there's a bug in this faq

please send errata, supplements, enhancements etc. to this faq to
<faq@congress.ccc.de>. thanks.


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