Session:Powerplant team meeting

Description an opportunity for the powerplant team to meet and discuss progress in person
Type Meeting
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Keyword(s) social, software, network
Tags permaculture, hackerculture, ecofriendly, community, opensource
Processing village Village:Ecohackerfarm
Person organizing User:Aimeejulia
Language en - English
en - English
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Starts at 2019/08/22 11:00
Ends at 2019/08/22 12:30
Duration 90 minutes
Location Village:Ecohackerfarm

Items on the agenda for the team meeting:

  • Modification to development flow to reduce barriers for participation - Petteri

Email from Petteri:

Now that CCCamp is coming and the core team is meeting in person I want to open discussion for modifying the way that we develop powerplant. This is the way that I currently want to see powerplant being developed, it is of course subject to discussion, but personally I feel that some change is necessary.

Basically powerplant consists of two sides: development and organizational.

EHF takes care of the organizational side: talking about powerplant in events, finding opportunities for participating in different kinds of programs (GSOC for instance), trying to find funding for developers who are interested in that, working with relations to other projects, and so on.

I want to make the development easy to be approached by maintaining an online demo of the latest snapshot, which is actually already running on my server and accessible through This way people can see what is happening simply by opening the demo on their browser.

Then I want to make the barrier for participating as low as possible by creating issues that can be implemented by small PRs that are easy to review.

Also I want to keep the commitment that people have to make to a minimum, one can try the software, fix some issue and open a PR, and leave it at that. If someone continues they can have more responsibility when they want.

Concretely I want that the development looks like this: - Development happens on github by working on issues and PRs - IRC provides support for development (this should be added to README) - Monthly Mumble meetings for synchronizing between development and organizational sides. These should be announced optional for developers, everybody can join but no pressure, naturally core developers join. - When possible people can meet in person on events like CCC.

The main change in this is that we drop the fixed weekly development meetings and instead of that use IRC to communicate when there is something to communicate. I believe that that the weekly meeting is not helping people to participate, it is even possible that it is making it more difficult. People don't want to make such commitment when they approach an open source project.

  • Code of conduct - Aimee

Would like to propose the following code of conduct for powerplant:

  • Updates on development - current status
  • Lunch!