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Starts at 2019/08/23 13:30
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Thousands of people attend CCC or CCC-related events every year. Many people travel there, long and short, by car or public transport. At the Camp there is a need for short distance shuttles that could be realized with spontaneous ride-sharing.

It would be really nice to ride together, besides all the other good reasons like climate change, pollution, CO2 foot print, cost sharing, time saving yada yada yada.

But how? There are 40+ ride-sharing portals in Germany alone. Which one to choose? Where are the chances the highest for driver and rider to find each other? Would that service respect your privacy? Would the other Chaos-minded peope be there? Why wouldn't it be a good idea to "force" everybody into one of the big players like BlaBlaCar, or Google Waze, or in the future Uber?

Let's think of the ride-sharing data as a commons very much like Wikipedia. The data should be owned by the community. Data privacy rules can then be implemented and enforced by the community. This common good does not exist yet because the applications to gather and work with this data have not been made yet.

Many other digital commons have been privatized by startups and internet giants, like the data about our social relationships, our photo galleries, books, restaurants, events, places, bed-and-breakfasts etc. The race for enclosing the ride-sharing data is currently ongoing. Google is in a very good position with Google Maps and Google Waze. Uber has a large market share and lot's of venture capital.

But there is hope, there are many useful open tools like OpenStreetMap, OpenTripPlanner, public transport data.

Let's talk about what we can do for ride sharing in the context of CCC.

And then do something about it together.

About Fnark: wity @systemagie we developed a meta search and routing site, that as it's outstanding unique feature has intermodal routing with combined ride-sharing and public tansport. Data comes from Nahverkehr Baden-Würrtemberg and from our friends at and