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[edit] Travel plans

I plan to fly from CGN (Cologne) to TXL (Berlin-Tegel) on the 1st of August or the 2nd of August. I plan to fly back on August the 5th.

On August the 7th or August the 8th I am planning to return to Finowfurt by car and return to Cologne on August the 12th.

[edit] Plans and goals at the camp

My most obvious goal is to have a lot of fun :-). The rest are just plans that will help me to have a lot of fun :-):

  • I want to meet a lot of people and learn a lot.
  • I want to be a "chaos angel" :-).
    • I signed up for the Network Operation Center to help building the network infrastructure prior to the camp, where I will meet a lot of nice people from whom I can learn a lot :-)
    • I signed up for the conference team, because nobody else did and I suppose that this means that this team has the greatest need for me :-). And I will meet a lot of people too :-).
  • I want to have a bike at the camp. Since I cannot carry one I initiated this page.

[edit] Contact

  • Local part: yankee


  • Domain:


  • Domain:

Phone (DECT): 4288

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