Villages / Areas of Interest

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There will be many projects going on at the Camp. In addition to the Camp Conference various groups will come and set up their own workshops and activities.

The Camp is divided into over 30 small villages that provide structure and give the participant to join a certain area of interest. A village might feature people doing extra workshops following their own agenda in their own tent. There is no central planning for this kind of events. The topics are on a rather broad range, from OS-distributions like the BSD Village or the Gentoo Village over more workshop-targeted villages like the GSM Village or the Astro Village to regional themed villages like the French or the Spanish Village. If you are interested in a specific area, just place for tent appropriately and get in touch. The full list is to be found in our public wiki.


The Hackcenter is a shelter featuring 350m2 space for everybody. You can bring your computer here and meet with many people.

Part of the Hackcenter is the workshop area - a place for all those hands on workshops that dont take place in a specific village.

The Hackcenter also offers an InfoDesk where you can get any information about the Camp you might need, a booth with you the computer equipment you forgot at home, books and other useful resources.


The Marketplace is the central gathering ground at the Camp. A place for food and music, cozy places to escape the evil daystar, a Art & Beauty Shelter featuring a loung and a bar, and more.

Apart from a loose crowd of interested parties, there are also some extra villages arranged within the Art & Beauty area. Those villages are unlike most of the other villages not a place where you can place your tent, but they provide an area to find out more about artsy project, like the Audio Village for all Audio and DJing related projects or an area for all the blinking projects - provided by Das Labor and the BlinkenArea.


One of the consequences of the social life of a hacker is that they tend to use fork() and spawn() in reallife, too. We therefore provide a self-managed kindergarten at the camp, a central area for all the kids, where some parents volunteer to take care of all the kids there. Please note that the camp crew only provides the infrastructure of the kindergarten - we neither provide a carer nor take any responsibilites. If you want to participate at the kindergarten, feel free to add yourself to the list in the wiki.

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