Camp Impression 02

The Camp is a five-day open-air all-in-one conference and hacker holiday experience. We want you to join, put up your tent, to participate, to contribute, to learn and to have fun. We will bring on the infrastructure, you bring on yourself.

The Camp offers lots of features and activities that will keep you busy experimenting and roaming among a variety of cool things going on everywhere at the Camp. The Camp provides all the necessary things: Internet, power and sanitary facilities. All you have to do is to plug-in and contribute your knowledge, energy and curiosity.

There will be lectures and workshops (we are going to post the schedule close before the Camp as these things tend to change until the last week and most requests come in right now). There will be a Hackcenter, a Workshop Facility, a big Art & Beauty Area, Lecture Halls and more - most of it located in earthcovered airplane shelters, therefore chilled. Lots of food stands, good coffee, cool art and a big, camp-wide computer network connects everything with everybody and everybody with the Internet will be provided, too.

However, the good old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" still applies. So here is the official camp 2003 documentation video - camp 2007 is at a different location, but you will get the picture:

Sorry, you need flash to see the video here. But dont panic, you can Download all those movies at chaosradio.ccc.de.

Have a look at video.google.com for more media material.

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