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To cover our costs, we have to ask for the following fees for participation:

Default Ticket 130 € 150 €
Pupils100 € 120 €
CCC e.V.120 €135 €
Supporter Ticket500 € 500 €
Business Ticket1500 €1500 €
Weekend Ticket 100 €


Children under 12 in attendance of their parents get in free.

A single person officially accompanying a handicapped persons gets in free.

Reservation is not needed for normal participants. Only the press is kindly asked to register in advance. See the press pages for details.

Supporter/Company Tickets

Including the good feeling to have supported a good cause. ;) If you or your employer wants to support our event, please consider to buy those tickets, the camp wont be possible without it. Our default tickets are very cheap calculated, so if you can afford our Supporter or even Company Ticket, please go there, and support one of the coolest hacker open air events this year. All tickets come with a receipt, the Company Ticket even includes a small suprise welcome package.
Another possibility to support the camp is a tax-deductible donation or sponsoring, please contact camp-orga at for further information

CCC e.V. Tickets

Discount for members of the CCC e.V.

Weekend Ticket

Valid beginning Friday 20:00 CEST, only available at the campsite

Pupil Tickets

Pupil tickets are available for the youngest and most penniless hackers: This means non-university and non-college students, typically people between 13 and 19 years with some kind of official document proving their status. If you are not sure if your status matches this, please check in advance.


Presale is over. Please make sure that your money arrives August 1st, latest. You can buy your ticket at the entrance, we are currently not sold out. We will announce in our weblog when there are only few tickets left, so rest assured you will get a ticket until then. Our camp ground provides scalability, so in case of a filled up camping area, we can open up further spots within a few hours. Dont panic. We have plenty of water flushed toilets, dozens of dixies and lots of showers during the camp. ::)

Q: Is there also a discount on the tickets for starving college students or unemployed people?

Short answer: No. Longer answer: We know that some of you cannot afford the entrance fee, no matter how low we make it. We also realize that this is a problem and, like life in general, is unfair at times. At the end of the day, the Camp is a low-cost event in comparison to most festivals or conferences and we like it that way. The camp costs in fact about 200 € per participant - so our current prices are already only made possible by generous donations, sponsors and the business tickets. Including discounts for every possible group with financial hardships would make the whole Camp more expensive for everyone else. That being said, we are still pondering some ideas on how to help those who cannot afford it on a case by case basis. If we find a solution for that, we will let you know, but don't hold your breath.

For more questions regarding tickets check our FAQ.

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