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Gozerbot workshop

Gozerbot is a Python IRC and Jabber bot. If you wish to discuss the current development, or have nice ideas for plugins or other development, please stop by.

Who tehmaze, ]V[
Where Mononoke tent
Language English/Dutch
When Day all week @ 7th august,

Duration: 6 days

Links Gozerbot

[edit] About gozerbot

Gozerbot is a Python IRC and Jabber bot. Core features are (bot not limited to):

  • user management by userhost .. bot will not respond if it doesn't know you (see /docs/USER/)
  • fleet .. use more than one bot in a program (list of bots) (see /docs/FLEET/)
  • use the bot through dcc chat .. partyline
  • fetch rss feeds (see /docs/RSS/)
  • keep todo and shop lists
  • karma
  • quote
  • remember items
  • relaying between bots (see /docs/RELAY/)
  • program your own plugins (see /docs/PROGRAMPLUGIN/)
  • run the builtin webserver (see /docs/WEBSERVER/)
  • query other bots webserver via irc (see /docs/COLLECTIVE/)
  • other stuff

[edit] Purpose of workshop

I'm sure there are several brilliant ideas on plugins, security or other bot (intergration) features. If you wish to discuss these topics, or if you are just curious, please stop by to have a talk. Also if you just want to learn about installing, running and maintaining a bot, or if you're interested in Python programming in general, don't hesitate!

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