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[edit] Hack The Bot

The gozerbot development team will be providing a sandbox for you to play in. The aim is to find potential security holes in the bot, gaining OPER access or even possible shell access. Can you do it?

[edit] Incidents found

[edit] Resources

[edit] About gozerbot

Gozerbot is a Python IRC and Jabber bot. Core features are (bot not limited to):

  • user management by userhost .. bot will not respond if it doesn't know you (see /docs/USER/)
  • fleet .. use more than one bot in a program (list of bots) (see /docs/FLEET/)
  • use the bot through dcc chat .. partyline
  • fetch rss feeds (see /docs/RSS/)
  • keep todo and shop lists
  • karma
  • quote
  • remember items
  • relaying between bots (see /docs/RELAY/)
  • program your own plugins (see /docs/PROGRAMPLUGIN/)
  • run the builtin webserver (see /docs/WEBSERVER/)
  • query other bots webserver via irc (see /docs/COLLECTIVE/)
  • other stuff

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