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Hi There,


[edit] ]V[ has left the campzone! goodbye and thanks for all the fish! w00t

[edit] intro

]V[ is representing on CCC this year!. gonna bring all kinds of hack to the theatre ;-) including: my dad, my shack............

ok more serious now..

residing @ MononokeVille

i'll be busy on a few things on site, namely.

[edit] Projects

- following lectures (or leeching the missed ones ;-))

- extending my ]V[-Net IRC network with (some) server(s) on site. ( #]V[ on any major irc network or (6697 ssl)

- expirimenting and (stress) testing [gozerbot] mostly fleet, relay and markov (and being all around usefull ;-))

- figuring out how i can use a router (freesco f.e.) to make multiple isp connections behave like a single leeching pipe ;-)) (just about redundancy, downstream and routing i figuess ;)

- building the ultimate sentry (ipcop, smtp proxy etc etc)

- asterisk or any related home brew pbx

- open source media centre.

- car-puter

- major monitoring made easy

- my dad will be going completely oldskool bonkers with his CW (morse) hardware. i am told he even got hold of an enigma. sounds like there is gonna be some crypto flying through the finowurth air there..

- meeting you guys out there on field

[edit] Other

needless 2 say i will bring the majority of my hardware, so some services are bound to be live there ;-)

p.s. windwalk ? ganjaman ? You There ?

/me = ready for some days of borderless fun!

[edit] Signed in @





[edit] Other info

i'm a magician. i will perform 1 trick when asked nicely ;-)

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