Open Source Firmware Foundation

The "Open-Source Firmware Foundation (OSFF) Assembly" at 37c3 is a vibrant and interactive platform for everyone interested in the world of open-source firmware. It serves as a dynamic meeting point for exchanging ideas, networking, and discovering new opportunities in firmware technology.

Highlights of the OSFF Assembly:

Community Building and Networking: This assembly is the perfect spot for like-minded individuals to meet and share experiences. Here, you can make new connections and network with professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Project Presentations: Participants and members of the OSFF will showcase their latest projects and developments. These presentations offer you a chance to gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in the open-source firmware field.

Interactive Code Sprints and Hackathons: Join exciting coding sessions where you can work on real projects with other developers, solve problems, and develop new ideas. These activities are ideal for gaining practical experience and expanding your skills.

Open Discussion Rounds: Engage in discussions on exciting topics related to open-source firmware. These conversations provide an open platform for exchanging opinions and experiences.

Access to Resources and Tools: Discover a variety of resources and tools that can be beneficial for the development and promotion of open-source firmware projects.

The OSFF Assembly at 37c3 is not just a place for learning and sharing but also an opportunity to become part of a vibrant community dedicated to open technologies and innovation. It's the perfect place for anyone curious about the future of technology and eager to actively shape this future. Stop by to experience how exciting and diverse the world of open-source firmware can be!



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