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  • Has anyone ever tried this tool? . It might not replace all the steps suggested but is it worth trying?
  • The Article still mentions the CCH instead of the CCL and i'm not able to edit it myself - sorry ^.^'
Done --Twi (talk) 14:00, 24 December 2018 (CET)
  • This article says "But there are some sites, for example even this Wiki, which don't have their certificate signed by one of the common authorities." This is wrong, since "" is signed by LetsEncrypt. Suggestion: remove ", for example this Wiki," (can't edit myself).
Removed --Twi (talk) 14:00, 24 December 2018 (CET)
  • There is a strange link "Mac-How" to in the section "Other Information" (leads to some kind of casino website). I'm sure this link can be removed without confirmation. --Mot (talk) 22:29, 23 December 2018 (CET)
Removed the link --Twi (talk) 14:00, 24 December 2018 (CET)
  • The link in the section 'Operating System Specific Security'/'Physical Access' to the talk about firewire is broken: it links to '' but should link to '' instead, e.g. --ZschErik (talk) 22:19, 27 December 2018 (CET)
  • The example with systemd should also show how to *disable* the service, otherwise when you reboot it will just start back up again. I.e. `systemctl stop foo.service` and `systemctl disable foo.service`. --Nisstyre (talk) 03:10, 30 December 2018 (CET)
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