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Simple Design Generator

If you want to try to create your own sign, you can use the Design Generator by the amazing bleeptrack.

Version History

  • 2018-11-30 Initial Release

Design Guide – Please read carefully

35C3 Design Guide.


Please see repository for convenience.


  • Headlines: Montserrat Black
  • Running text: Montserrat Light
  • Hidden text only: Anton Ultra condensed as negative text


As defined in the Design Guide:

Fresh (light blue) C:84, M:35, Y:19 R:0, G:132, B:176 #0084b0
Hope (green) C:84, Y:84 R:0, G:163, B:86 #00a356
Glint (yellow) M:35, Y:100 R:249, G:176, B:0 #f9b000
Beat (red) M:100, Y:84 R:228, G:4, B:41 #e40429
Tenacity (lilac) C:84, M:84, K:19 R:68, G:53, B:126 #44357e
Base (dark blue) C:100, M:84, K:35 R:24, G:56, B:107 #18386b
Reboot (grey) K:84 R:77, G:77, B:76 #4d4d4c


Nah, just a twitter account


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