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If you have some spare room, some spare bed, some place on the floor or a free couch you can provide to one ore more traveling hackers, it should be shown on this page. You can easily add your free couchsurfing place by adding an entry to your userpage. If you have multiple distinct places you can also add multiple entries there. Just go to your userpage, click on edit, scroll down to the couchsurfing section and click Add another.

List of provided couchsurfing places

List of Couchsurfing Places

 places totalplaces freeavailable fromavailable todistance from CCL in kmpublic transport to CCL in minutesdescription
Dfriese3027 December 201830 December 20181445i have a bed for 2 persons (thats normally mine :) ), a couch in the same room and another couch in another room. I think we find a solution.

Distance to Trade fair Leipzig Area: around 14 km

Travel time by public transport: 40 to 50 min.

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