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If you didn't get a ticket but already booked a Hotel/Hostel? You can offer it here so others with a Ticket but no place to stay might find a place to sleep and you at least get some money back.

Attention: Please be aware that not every hotel/hostel accepts name change and some hotels charge high fees, if they accept it. So please check if your hotel/hostel accepts name change before offering it. Thanks.


Name Contact Amount (Beds) From To Price Location Description
Agowa338 1 2018-12-27 2019-01-01 120.00€ total, breakfast upon request for 20.00€ (Link: Sleepy Lion 1 bed within a 8 bed dorm
Matthias 1 2018-12-30 2018-12-31 90 € / night Days Inn Leipzig Messe (very close to venue) Offering 1 bed in twin bed room
ST 1/2 2018-12-27 2019-12-30 627 € Novum Hotel Aviva Leipzig Neue MesseLOGINN by ACHAT Leipzig Someone has become ill and we have an unused booking in the LOGINN ACHAT Hotel (Messe) Fuggerstrasse 3, 04158 Leipzig.
icecast 2 2018-12-26 2019-12-30 444 € total Hotel Achat Messe Komfort,, nearby! double room with double bed. booked twice ;o)
lupo / DECT 2059 1/2 2018-12-27 2019-12-30 617,90 € total NH Leipzig Messe NH Leipzig Messe on Google Maps Available due to double-booking. 14 Minutes to the congress by foot or 5 minutes by scooter. Room is booked for 2 Persons including Breakfast for both.

Please call 2059 if interested.

Rafardeon 2 2018-12-26 2019-12-30 220,00 € total Apartment Lutherstraße Cheap apartment booked by mistake.
Herson or 1 2018-12-26 2018-12-31 300,00 € total Hotel via City Leipzig Mitte Standard Single Room
Thomas & Jule @pulkiulki ( 1 2018-12-26 2018-12-30 130,00 € total [1] Dorm, accomodates four, we are three, so that there's one bed left. If anyone still needs one, just use the twitter handle above. Cheers!
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