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We will join and be part of 1Komona assembly, and the Anarchist Assembly, so come talk to us to have a discussion of modern day anarchism, "anarcho-hackers". Hacktivism as another modern day and future force in the fight against capitalism, fascism, racism, nacionalism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. all for a better universe. We will be hosting a documentary about Anarchist-Hackers and our comrade Jeremy Hammond, made by our compañeros from Submedia.tv called "Hack the system" a(A)a.

  • The Cluster Komona assembles international activists. With a strong focus on knowledge exchange, workshops and documentation around self-empowerment, autonomous organization, queer-feminism, decentralization, hacktivism, creative protest, mobilization, care and global antifascist community networks. During 35C3, we're gathering to learn from and teach each other and to foster trustful and strong connections for upcoming changes. <3
  • Hispagatos - is a International Hispanic collective of revolutionary hackers, that participates on street activism, online hacktivism, CTF competitions, Hackerñol a video show related to anarchist hackers, and revolutionary action in Spanish for most part. a(A)a
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